Thursday, June 14, 2018

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2018 : The amazing tales challenge Episode 29 & 30 “The Finale”

And we came to the end of the Holy blessed generous month of Ramadan.
According to the official calculations, tonight is the last night of Ramadan 1439 and tonight is the last night of our annual Ramadan Arabian Nights Podcast.
Just like the holy month, it ran too fast.
I can not thank enough Gramafon Radio for its help to make the show run for this year and hopefully for years to come inshallah.
Now after the break, you are going to listen to episode No.29 and No.30 or to be accurate episodes 290 and 291 of Egyptian State Radio classical show “One Thousand and One Nights” after the break.

Episode No.29 or Episode No. 290 of Egyptian State Radio classical show “One Thousand and One Nights”

Miamona turned herself to Sukar by magic to win the heart of Anbar. She manages to get him to marry her but there is something wrong about this marriage, about this Sukar. Anbar feels something wrong and gets depressed.
Seeing her love rejecting her and refuses to touch her, Miamona reveals herself to him and confesses what she had done.
Anbar tells her that he loves but as a wife or a lover but as a sister.
The wise princess decides it is better to have a brother-sister relation than a husband and a wife relation. The marriage is dissolved.

Episode No.30 or No.291 of Egyptian State Radio classical show “One Thousand and One Nights”

Miamona decides to help Anbar, she takes to meet the brass vendor aka strange man who knows the story our hero is searching for.
Arabian Nights by Eric Goldberg
by Eric Goldberg 

She also decides to give her magical ring aka the seal of Solomon. She tells Anbar that if he needs help from any kind, he can summon the ring’s Djinn to bring her and she will come immediately.
Anbar decides to leave but he insists to take his rival suitors and the Mirzaban. Miamona tells him not to trust after he persists, she turns them into humans once again.
Near from the Kingdom, the suitors and the Mirzaban decide to turn against Anbar. While attacking him, Anbar used the magical kingdom to summon the Djinn in order to summon Miamona.
Miamoa saves the day and decides to turn the suitors into cats because cats do not have any kind of loyalty except to their food and the Mirzaban into a donkey because of his stupidity.
And so Anbar returns to the kingdom while riding the Mirzaban and dragging with him 3 cats. They will return to their human image when Anbar meets Sukar.
Sukar finishes the tale of the tale and her king as well her father , the vizier listening.
The king decides to make Sukar marry Anbar. After the marriage , the suitors and the Mirzaban turn in to their human image.
And they lived happily ever after till death came and separated between people.
I hope you like our tale for this year. If you want to listen to previous tales, you can find it in Egyptian Chronicles’ archives here.
Happy Eid to all Muslims around the globe and till we meet next Ramadan inshallah. 

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