Saturday, June 2, 2018

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2018 : The amazing tales challenge Episode 17 “The hooded knight ”

We continue our tale for this, the tale of the Amazing tales challenge.
Tonight, we will continue listening to the 17th episode of our Ramadan Arabian Nights Podcast and know the fate of that war that started in the Djinn Realm.
Though it is named after the legendary tales book, our take for this year was inspired by the 1956 war and its events.
You can listen to the 278th episode of the original Egyptian state radio’s “One Thousand and One Nights” after the break.

The next day of battle is on and King Saeed is now fighting not only one enemy but three enemies as King Haddam and Queen Frankria of Ifrits joined forces with Safaleal demons.
 scene from Indian Razmnama from  a book published in 1956 :)
A scene from Indian Razmnama from
a book published in 1956 :)

In short, the battle is so inspired by the 1956 war.
King Saeed withdraws his army from Safaleal’s front to stop the destruction caused by Haddam and Frankria’s armies but it is not enough.

They burned down villages. The Djinns fought as much as they can but still.

Yet things begin to change with the sudden arrival of a hood knight and another army of Djinn to the front.
The Knight and his army along with King Saeed and his army won the battle with their unity.

King Saeed went to thank that hooded knight only to know that it is his brother Mosa’ad.
The two brothers decide to unite and forget the past.

Now I think we are speaking about the ill-fated United Arab Republic or the Union between Egypt and Syria.
Till we meet next night inshallah

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