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Al-Assad’s death lists : Over 7000 victims killed in his prisons and the world is still silent "Updated"

In the past two weeks, news came from Syria that the people in the cities Al-Assad regime regained control on recently began to receive official death certificates of their relatives who were forcibly disappeared or arrested by Al-Assad security forces in the past seven years as the Assad regime updates its civil registries.

"Updated": In an Interview with the Pro-Assad regime newspaper Al-Watan {owned by Al-Assad cousin} on Thursday 9/8/2018, the head of the Civil registry directorate in Syria Ahmed Rahal stated that his directorate managed to document 32,000 death cases in 2018 so far and 68,000 death cases in 2017 without clarifying the cause of death. Some Syrian activists say that those 100,000 death cases are actually the cases of Syrian political detainees. I have not found anything supports this assumption but it is interesting by all measures. 

Syrian News website Zaman Al-Wsl received at the end of July a huge list of nearly 7953 deceased Syrian political prisoners arrested from Syria’s 14 governorates from 2011 till 2018
Yes, at least 7953 human beings were killed in Syrian regime’s prisons in those seven years.
The list is confirmed by other news websites, local activists and Syrian human rights organizations.

A photo snapped from a Syrian town last by AFP
A photo snapped from a Syrian town last by AFP 
Syria’s Rif Dimashq governorate top the list with 1856 victim followed by the cradle of the Syrian revolution Daraa governorate with 1283 victim and Homs governorate with 1253 victim according to Zaman Al-Wsl database which you can browse if you know Arabic.

The Syrian capital Damascus got alone 870 victims followed by Hama which got 762 victims while Idlib got 585 victims.
Aleppo has got so far 473 victims while Deir ez-Zor has got 450 victims.
The numbers then decline to 154 victims in Latakia and 110 victims in Quneitra to 50 victims in Raqqa and 44 victims in Al-Hasakah governorate.
Tartus governorate got only 28 victims while As-Suwayda which was rocked last week by Daesh attack has got 23 victims in the list.
There are two Syrian victims whose origin could not be identified and there are 10 names from different countries.
There is one Egyptian in the list who was called Youssef Abdel Samad.
I tried to search for more info using his name but I got nothing.
Abdel Samad was executed on 27 September 2016. It is unclear where he was arrested or when or whether he stood a trial at all or not.

According to the list, 307 prisoners died in the prisons in 2011 only whereas the number increased to 1119 prisoners in 2012. In 2013, the numbers doubled in 2120 prisoners deceased in the Syrian governmental prisons.
In 2014, the numbers reached 2276 prisoners according to the list
It declined to 1413 prisoners in 2015 then to 401 prisoners in 2016 and then to 146 in 2017.
In 2018, only 170 prisoners have either been executed or have been tortured until death so far.
Some Syrian citizens are leaving the names of their forced disappeared relatives in the comment section at the opposition news websites wondering if their names are in that list Zaman Al-Wsl has got. “Check the page below”

I do not understand how some people “including the officials of my country” speak about Al-Assad and his regime as a part of political talks and reconciliation when we got at least 7000 Syrian killed in that regime’s prison.

Those prisoners are not numbers.
There are so 125 child and underage prisoners who were killed according to that list. There are 63 women prisoners that were killed according to the database. Some of them were from the same families including fathers and sons as well as brothers and sisters.

They had names and dreams and stories to share.
They had faces and stories to be told. “Source: Syrian Network for human rights
On 23 April 2012, National Syrian basketball team player Sameh Srour was arrested by regime security at Damascus International airport. The 1981-born athlete from Daraa was allegedly tortured till death in February 2018.
Late Sameh Srour
Late Sameh Srorur 
On 25 August 2012, Emad al-Din Shoaib was arrested from his house in Darraya. He was tortured allegedly till death in July 2015 in a detention center.
Late Emad al-Din Shoaib
Late Emad al-Din Shoaib
On 30 September 2012, Zuhair Shehada was arrested at a Syrian regime checkpoint in his city Darayya. The 1986-born man was tortured allegedly till death on December 17,2014.
Late Zuhair Shehada
Late Zuhair Shehada 
On 21 August 2013, Omar al-Saqqa was also arrested at a Syrian regime checkpoint in his home city Darayya. The 1965-born man was tortured by Al-Assad forces allegedly till death on August 13,2014.
Late Omar al-Saqqa
Late Omar al-Saqqa 
On 8 October 2014, footballer Mahmoud al-Ali was arrested from his house in Damascus. The young footballer originally from Hasaka was reportedly tortured till death at infamous Sednaya prison in Damascus.
Late Mohame al-Ali
Late Mohame al-Ali 
On 16 November 2014, 22-years-old Lama Nawaf al-Basha was arrested from home in al-Tal. The University student who aspired to become a project manager was tortured till death in her detention.
Only now her family knew her destiny.
Late Lama Nawaf
Late Lama Nawaf 
In 2014, Ahmed al-Ahmed al-Wakeel was also arrested from Deir Ez-Zour governorate and that tortured till death by Al-Assad forces in his detention. His family and SNHR” also received information of his death in August 2018.
Late Ahmed Al-Ahmed
Late Ahmed Al-Ahmed 
You can find more names and faces on the official website of SNHR
The true extremists of Al-Qaeda were released by Al-Assad regime in 2011 and 2012 for a reason I think we all have known now.

I have not read so far any statement issued by an Arab government or the League of Arab states “I am naïve and I know it but sometimes I have faith in miracles to happen”.

By the way, Assadist Media figures are angry of Palestinian teenage activist Ahad Tamimi calling her “a fake hero” hinting out that she could be a spy because she wished good luck for the Syrian people only through Syrian Radio station !!
Tamimi was interviewed by a Pro-Assad Privately-owned “Al-Medina FM” station following her release and she was asked what she would say to the Syrian Arab Army and its youth soldiers who had been away from their families for 7 years. “May God protect the Syrian people and Syria” The teenager who has been released from an Israeli prison last week told the radio host through the phone in the West Bank.
It did not make many Assadists happy.

Needless to say, many Arabs especially Syrians had their moment of wonder when they saw Ahad Tamimi and her mother Nermine looking good after spending 7 months in an Israeli prison.
Israel did not waste that moment and its official speakers to the Arab World used it as part of their propaganda.
I like to remind the Israeli media machine also the rest of the Arabs that if Ahad Tamimi and her mother look good, then it is because of the strikes of the Palestinian political prisoners led in the Israeli prisons to receive better treatment.
Anyhow, the world is failing the Syrians just as it has been failing the Palestinians over and over.


  1. "The World is failing the Syrians just as it had been failing the Palestinians for years".
    Allah delay but not forget.
    In this World and in the hereafter the unjust people will have their Punishments

    It is tragedy to see all these extreme injustice in an Arab and Muslim country.

    May Allah save the Syrian people.

  2. Shows the senselessness and waste that comes from wars.

  3. Allow me to share with you the shock that no one's cares from the Arab leaders to comment or to show any kind of support, we understand that the world leaders have their own benifit and they have no value for our lives but our leaders became blonds already.. 💔


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