Sunday, April 14, 2019

Seen in Cairo : Saad Pasha surrounded by Constitutional amendments banners

Saad Zaghlol's state

Egyptian leader of 1919 revolution Saad Zaghlol’s statue in Cairo surrounded by pro-constitutional amendments banners encouraging the public to vote for them “indirectly” using the slogan "Do it right ✅

The 1919 revolution’s centennial started in #March but it is overshadowed by the constitutional amendments.

The 1919 revolution led Egypt to its independence from the UK in 1922.

Speaking about Saad Zaghlol, I can't ignore the fact that the New Wafd Party which was the so-called original Wafd Party declared its endorsement to the constitutional amendments.

On 11 April 2019, the current leader Wafd Party and head of the legislative affairs committee MP Bahaa Abu Shoka declared that the party members agreed on the constitutional amendment by 93 %.

It is worth to mention that there was an opposition inside the party to the constitutional amendments but now I guess that 7% of the members-only oppose the amendments. It is worth to mention also technically Al-Wafd Party is no longer considered an opposition party.

The original and old Wafd party of Saad Zaghlol pasha led the political battle to restore Egypt's Constitution 1923 when it was replaced by Constitution 1930.

Drafted during the rule of PM Ismail Sedky "A Wafdist defector", Constitution 1930 gave the king of Egypt aka Fouad I a lot of powers including the ability to dissolve both chambers of the parliament then.

That political battle was not a peaceful one as it turned out that Egyptian citizens especially the students protested against Constitution 1930 and their protests were met by extreme violence from the government.

Some would say that the Egyptian people give up quickly but a look at those early decades with no social media or proper mainstream media gives you a second opinion.

In 1935, Constitution 1923 was restored. It remains till this day one of Egypt's best Constitutions.

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