Thursday, April 11, 2019

#Sudanrevolts and Omar al-Bashir is ousted at last “Updated”

Updated :
Sudanese Professional Association “SPA” issued an important statement rejecting the armed forces statement issued Thursday afternoon calling the protesters to complete their sit-in and protesting movement as well Sudanese army officers and soldiers to join them.

“We are the powers of freedoms and change reject what was mentioned in the statement of those regime coup officers and call the great Sudanese people to continue their sit-ins,” The SPA said adding that “the authorities of the regime” made a coup to reproduce the same regime the people revolt against.

The Sudanese protesters demand a civilian interim government.
Protesters began to chant against the military.

Sudanese Minister of defense Awad Ibn Ouf declared on Thursday that Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir was ousted and currently detained in a safe secret place announcing the same time the formation of a military transitional council to rule Sudan for interim period of two years.
In those two years, fair elections and a new constitution will be prepared.

Ibn Ouf declared also the emergency status in the country for 3 months and a curfew from 10 PM to 4 AM for a month.
The air space is closed for 24 hours.

The once first-vice-president of al-Bashir also declared that the interim constitution 2005 was dissolved. The states’ government, the national and state parliaments and the cabinet are all dissolved.
The political detainees arrested in the past three months will be released according to that announcement.
Here is the statement in video in Arabic

That army’s declaration came after at least four months of ongoing protesting and rallies by Sudanese citizens in almost all Sudanese states following the announcement of al-Bashir that he would amend the constitution to allow him to run for another presidential term.

Things escalated rapidly as Sudanese protesters and true political opposition forces above them Sudanese Professionals Association started a sit-in in front of the Sudanese armed forces commandership in Khartoum on 6 April 2019.
Sudanese protester
ِA Sudanese protester earlier Thursday in Khartoum after knowing
the news "Audi Photography"

This announcement came after nearly 6 hours or something of an unofficial announcement that Omar al-Bashir was ousted.
The news based on informed sources hit the streets of Khartoum as well as Cairo at 6 AM Khartoum Local time.

Personally, I believe that al-Bashir was detained in that early hour but the word went out and at the same time the Sudanese army took all those hours to make its final arrangements.

As soon as the news hit the streets in Khartoum, Sudanese people rejoiced and celebrated it distributing candies in some areas. In other area, protesters began to attack some security HQs and police stations to free political prisoners.

Now to my two worthless Egyptian piasters: That sounds like an ugly Deja Vu, I saw that before in some country very close to Sudan in the North.

I pray now that the Sudanese people pay attention and not to repeat the same mistakes.
Either way, I can’t stop myself from sharing this photo.
That row 

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