Sunday, April 7, 2019

#SudanRevolts : April 6 Sit-in of Khartoum or Why you should keep your eyes on Sudan now “Updated”

At 3:13 Am Monday Cairo local time, reports about attempts of security forces “police” to disperse the sit-in but armed forces are reportedly protecting the protesters.

April 6th is a special political date in Sudan, it marks the anniversary of ousting Sudanese dictator Gaafar Nimery by a military coup following huge protests in 1985.

That military coup was and is regarded as the perfect bloodless coup and his leader, General Abdel Rahman Swar El-Dahab is like a legendary character. After all, he is the first and last Arab/African military not to stay for more than an interim year and was not power greed.

April 6th, 2019 has also become a very special date too for those younger generations.
It is the day that thousands of Sudanese people, mostly from youth started a sit-in in front of the Sudanese armed forces Headquarter in Khartoum.

This is the biggest escalation so far in the uprising that started months ago aiming to put an end for El-Bashir's dictatorship.

The sit-in has been untouched as the protesters demand the armed forces to oust the current president and internationally convicted war criminal Omar El-Bashir.
The photos and videos coming from there are more than impressive, especially at night.
This is not a rock concert in Khartoum, it is a political sit-in against a dictatorship " Ola Al-Sheikh

Sunday evening that video was captured there and it gave me goosebumps with those lights and how people chanted “The people want to topple the regime”.

People are donating food and drinks and families are making sandwiches for protesters.  there are makeshift clinics and services. In fact, I found girls sharing tips sanitary pads for other girls in the sit-in and that’s something I have not seen it before.

The sit-in has not been dispersed by Sudanese forces.

Yet earlier Sunday there have been reports about regime-plain clothed thugs began to attack private-owned properties in some areas to spread fear while in some other areas there are reports about security forces using live ammunition. Two young men were reportedly killed on Sunday.
Sudan suffered unexplainable power cuts nationwide.

In a classical move, social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram and Periscope are blocked currently in an online curfew in the country.
Again, it is very classical failed move as no one wants to understand in those failed regimes that younger generations use VPNs.
Now I am reading from two different sources, a local reporter in Sudan and Mada Masr in Egypt that there are allegedly talks between the Sudanese and Egyptian intelligence about what next for Omar El-Bashir with a plane B that Egypt would evacuate him if it were over for him.
It is worth to mention that Egypt’s President El-Sisi is currently in a foreign tour that includes a highly anticipated visit to Washington D.C, it will take a week I guess.

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