Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Death of Abdullah Morsi : A new chapter in Morsi’s Greek tragedy

From a few hours ago the news found its way online through Al-Jazeera News accounts and Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated news accounts: Abdullah Mohamed Morsi passed away.

I had to wait to get a confirmation from the family and it came through Turkey’s Anadolu as well the family's lawyer to Shorouk newspaper.
The youngest son of late ex-president Mohamed Morsi passed away in a Giza hospital after having a heart attack.
Abdullah Mohamed Morsi is the youngest and according to news reports, he was only 26 years old.
He died after 79 days of his father’s death.
It is like another chapter in the Morsis Greek tragedy for real !!
Or shall I say Egyptian tragedy !!

Abdullah Mohamed Morsi
Abdullah Morsi with his dad's photo in March 2018 "Al Jazeera International"
Mohamed Morsi had five children, Ahmed who works as a doctor in Saudi Arabia, Shaimaa who is a housewife, Osama who works as a lawyer and currently detained in some MB-related case, Omar and Abdullah.

The news of Abdullah’s death shocked many in social media as far as I could see in those few hours.

The news also came amidst a huge debate or rather fights among the Muslim Brotherhood and its senior ranks and angry frustrated younger generation this summer.
Those fights about the corruption of the senior ranks in Turkey or whether the detained and imprisoned MB members should have a deal with the current Egyptian administration to quit politics altogether  for their freedom.
Those fights can and are actually splitting the brotherhood more than its current split.

Anyhow back to late Abdullah Morsi, his family’s lawyer told the media that the young man suffered a heart attack while he was in his car with a friend Wednesday evening.
It seems that summer 2019 is worse than summer 2013 with all its drama for Morsi’s family.
May Allah bless his soul and have mercy on our souls.

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