Monday, January 6, 2020

And a second Ramy wins a golden globe

Ok Hollywood watch it for Egyptian-American men called Ramy because they got something for the Golden Globes
American of Egyptian origin comedian Ramy Youssef has just won the Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series  Musical or Comedy in the Golden Globe awards 2020.

He won it for his role in Hulu’s comedy TV series Ramy that was aired in 2019.
Ramy Youssef
Ramy Youssef "NBC"
Here the moment he got the award and man I love how Longa 79 of Egyptian veteran and musical genius of the 1970s and 1980s Hany Shenouda was played in the Golden Globe !!! “It is associated with football than with comedies or Golden Globes for my generation”
Here is the rest of the speech
Ramy TV show is about the life of young American Egyptian Muslim young man in the United States.
Egyptian cinema star and political activist Amr Waked plays the role of his father in the TV series.
I wonder if the Egyptian press will mention Waked.

I have not seen it but some of my friends watched it and they liked it.
Ramy Youssef is the second American of Egyptian origin and the second Ramy to win a golden globe for the second year in a row after Ramy Malek last year.
Omar El-Sherif was the first Egyptian to get a Golden Globe award as a leading actor. He had only the Egyptian passport when he got as far as I know.

P.S Malek has been nominated for a Best Performance by an Actor in Television Series-Drama Golden Globe for Mr. Robot. It is his third nomination.
I hope he gets it and I update this post to celebrate the two Ramys

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