Sunday, January 5, 2020

These are some of the sites important to Iranian culture

Just as the Iranian government was preparing for Qassim Soleimani’s funeral as well as the perfect reaction from its point of view following his assassination by US drones on Friday, current US President Donald Trump gave it another gift.

He provoked the Iranian people even those opposing the Iranian regime living in exile with his tweets about targeting 52 important sites to Iran and Iranian culture if the Iranian regime dared to target American assets late Saturday.

It is unclear which sites he meant but saying that “They are very high-level & important to Iran & Iranian culture” means they were speaking about cultural and religious sites important to the Iranian culture.

There is a fear that he meant the Shiia holy sites in Iran specifically in Qom while others fear that he meant historical sites in Iran in a complete violation of international laws that criminalize the deliberate destruction of monumental sites in armed conflicts.
Jamkaran mosque in Qom
ًWhen Iranian authorities decided to raise the Red war flag for the first time in recorded history on Saturday
over the Jamkaran mosque in the Shiia holy city Qom 

If Trump orders the attack on Shiia holy sites in Iran if Iran avenges its general and its will avenge sooner or later, it will be a holy war for Shiia Muslims around the globe. There are about 11 holy sites in Iran for Shiia Muslims according to my knowledge.

Of course, there is another dreadful possibility that Trump is including Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant in his targets plan, which means we are in front of some nuclear disaster.

For the record, there are 24 sites in Iran registered as World heritage sites in the UNESCO. The Iranian government nominated 56 other 

It is not a big secret that Iranians are proud of their culture and history and so to see a threat to destroy 52 sites significant to their culture it won’t look to him as a liberator as he tries to position himself.

Yes, the Iranians are ruled by a corrupted theocratic dictatorship and they are waiting to the day it collapses in the right moment but they know very well it won’t happen with the help of US tanks.
Iranians are already paying the price of the US intervention in Iran since the 1950s.
They are also are paying and will pay the price of having their regime intervention in the Middle East thanks to Qassim Soleimani’s regional politics, unfortunately.

Now here is a nice collection of tweets from Iranians mostly living outside sharing the important sites to their culture in photos.

May God save our souls as it is trapped between two religious fanatics who believe wars would fasten the coming of their Messiahs.


  1. If the Iranians were to respond with violence in any significant way, the best US answer should be to use cruise missiles and bombers to destroy (1) the entire Iranian Air Force, and (2) all Iranian Naval vessels. If Iran unwisely tried yet again to kill Americans, the correct response would be to flatten the Niavaran, Zafaraniyeh, Elahieh, and other posh neighborhoods where the mullahs and generals have their personal residences. That's what I'd do, anyway.

  2. Gorgeous photos. thanks for sharing them.

  3. War mongers 1/2 of our country. Sad, but 1/2 of us are not. Now we have a mentally ill man in power so he is unstable enough to avoid logical cooler heads and opted for the more radical suggestion, the more drastic. As Jesus once said on the cross, "Father forgive him, he knows not what he does".

  4. Trump is mentally ill. He lives entirely by projecting his own ego onto others.
    The last time anyone in the U.S. okayed the assassination of a top General in a "sovereign nation" was during WW2 with Japan.
    He was warned against this irrational act, and now we'll pay the cost for incompetence of a leader.

    Iraq wants us out and he's threatening them with sanctions for doing so.

    He met with the assassin/torturer, Prince of Saudi Arabia, probably the source of his so called intelligence he hasn't yet turned over the congress. What he has turned over is not "imminent danger" he said he had.

  5. Jason: Could your conscience live with blood of 80 million on your hands? We don't belong in the Middle East, except as tourists!! Get your own oil elsewhere.


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