Monday, March 16, 2020

Coronavirus on the Nile : Coronavirus patients number jumps to 166 , two new deaths, 300 families in quarantine and Egypt suspends flights temporarily

Monday was even busier in Cairo when it comes to Coronavirus and its outbreak like any other place in the world. Here is a quick recap. It is like we are in front of a new level every day. It is getting more serious every day.
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First of all, there is a worrying jump in the Coronavirus patients number in Egypt on Monday.
It jumped from 126 Monday afternoon to be 166 after officially registering new 40 positive Coronavirus cases in the country according to the ministry of health and the World Health Organization.

Two Coronavirus patients have passed away raising the country’s death into 4. The two additional cases are for an an-72-years-old German tourist who passed away in hospital in Luxor and a 50-years-old Egyptian man from Nile Delta’s Dakahalia Governorate.

Back to the new 40 patients, it turned out that they are 35 Egyptians and 5 foreigners.
The 35 Egyptians include 8 Egyptians who returned back from Omra pilgrimage before its suspension in Saudi Arabia while the others contracted the virus from previously registered cases and were discovered in according to the tracing procedures of the WHO. 

The statement revealed that all the registered cases currently receiving treatment in quarantine hospitals in stable condition except 7 patients in fair conditions and two patients in critical condition.

There is some good news though, 26 people have been fully recovered and left quarantine hospitals.
For the first time, the health ministry reveals that it is currently focusing their precautionary procedures in Dakahalia, Damietta and Al-Maniya as there are many “people who have been in contact with positive Corona cases.

This is the first time, Damietta in North Nile Delta and Al-Maniya in Upper Egypt are mentioned.
The ministry announced all that 300 Egyptian families in a Dakahalia-Village are currently in quarantine. Those families live in the village where the two Egyptian death cases came from.

The number is scary but I would remind you that the ministry of health put 2752 workers in an oil field sit in quarantine for 14 days in Marsa Matrouh as the site’s Canadian accountant tested positive for Coronavirus. The Canadian accountant was Egypt’s second confirmed and registered Coronavirus case.
The workers have been released on Monday already.

Coronavirus’ new fatalities

Since after there have been reports and rumors circulating from Dakahlia that a local from there. I know the relatives of late Mr. Ahmed Aly Amar from Belkas, Dakahalia

According to official statements, he contracted the virus from the second patient to die from it , who contracted it by her turn from an Italian lady who came to bury her Egyptian husband in their village
Probably, late  Amar is the only or third person to who is known by name and photo, may Allah bring solace to his family.
He used to work in taxation authority in Egypt.

As I said earlier he is the third in the country and the second Egyptian to die from Coronavirus.
The deceased left a family made up of three people and they all tested positive for Coronavirus
There is not much said about the German tourist who died in Luxor because of Coronaviruses.

Egypt suspends flights from 19 March to 31 March

In a press conference held at the Cabinet HQ in Cairo, Prime minister Mostafa Madbouly announced that Egypt has suspended international flights from 19 March to 31 March in all nationwide.

During that period, hotels and touristic attractions will be sensitized. 

Reducing the number of public servants

The Egyptian government decided on Monday to reduce the number of public servants in the coming days over Corona's concerns.

The decision excludes public servants working vital institutions like in the health sector or transportation sector or water services or power services.
There are nearly 5.6 million public servants in Egypt.

Banning Shisha 

In a triumph to health awareness, Egypt’s governorates began to ban Shisha or water pipes regardless of their class, it is a great decision.
If the Cafes violate the decision, they will be fined for LE 20,000.

I have to say that the statements of Mostafa Madbouly and Osama Heikal are actually making me worry and is making me feel that they are preparing us for the worse. Hopefully, I will be wrong.

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