Saturday, May 30, 2020

Coronavirus on the Nile : Masks are mandatory now in Egypt "Live Updated"

On Saturday, Egypt started imposing face masks mandatory in public. Those who will violate the orders will pay hefty fines up to authorities.

Since early reports, I read news reports and testimonies of people in the streets saying the authorities are taking things seriously so far on the first day in Cairo. Even microbuses drivers are asking the passengers to wear masks.

Egyptian family wearing masks in train station on Saturday
Egyptian family wearing masks in
a train station on Saturday "Nader Nabeel for Masrawy"

On Saturdays, Egypt is back to its 8 PM to 5 AM partial curfew.

All the businesses are back to work including shops and malls within the working hours.

On the other hand, coffee shops, sports clubs and gyms are closed.

It is worth to mention in the past two days, Egypt witnessed a jump in the daily number of newly discovered cases of Coronavirus as well as in its fatalities.

This jump happened due to the expansion in the number of hospitals in the country designated to screen coronavirus patients earlier last week.

According to Presidential Health adviser and former health minister Dr Awad Tag El-Din, Egypt will reach the peak of Coronavirus within two weeks.

I feel that we are going to pay the price of underestimating Coronavirus in the past month as people

This is another live blogging event dedicated to all things Coronavirus in Egypt and the Middle East.

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