Saturday, May 9, 2020

Coronavirus on the Nile : Over 8000 COVID-19 patients in Egypt “Live Updated”

A new week has started in Egypt with a rapid and alarming increase in Coronavirus patients in the country.
In two days, the total tally jumped from over 7000 cases to over 8000 cases.
In one week, we jumped from 300 infected cases per day to 400 cases per day and it seems that it won’t take to get the 500 cases per day.
Nursing supervisor Rehab Shaaban from Al-Abassiya fever hospital
Nursing supervisor Rehab Shaaban from Al-Abassiya fever hospital
Roger Anis 

Social distancing policies are not respected anymore.
The partial curfew is not respected anymore and the government seems to soften it at least in the capital.

I know it is the Holy month of Ramadan, the month of socializing and meeting with friends and families over breakfast or Suhor but this is too much.

It is frustrating and scary.

The government seems to be going into the direction of opening the country more and more despite the fact that we have not reached the peak as other countries in Europe that began to loosen it lockdown gradually.

It is a two-way street  I believe. The government and the public are responsible for curbing together the virus because personally, I think the human cost is more devastating than the economic cost. The economy can be revived, can be fixed but dead people can’t return to be life.

The photo is from the amazing report in Masrawy about the Abassiya Fever Hospital during Coronavirus crisis, the photos are by amazing Roger Anis.
Here is the live Blog widget for another week.

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