Friday, May 8, 2020

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2020 : Tale of King Magedwon “Karim loses again” EP.15

Good evening,
Here we are with a new night from our Radio Arabian Nights for this year.
We will continue our tale for this year, the tale of King Magedwon or rather the tale of his poor son Karim to be accurate
First of all, You can refresh your mind with what happened last night here.
Now without further ado listen to the 747th episode in the Egyptian State’s One Thousand and One Nights or the 15th night in our tale for the year 2020, the tale of King Magedwon after the break.
Karim is shocked at the accusations Sabbouh threw at him and He tells Salem that it happened the other way around.
She was the one who made advances towards him and he rejected them.
Salem tells that despite he believes him at the bottom of his heart but Karim has to go.
Salem explains to Karim that after the abduction of his only daughter by cruel pirate Karameesh, he had to marry Sabbouh so he won’t be alone.
Yes, it turned out that the old merchant was actually late Dalal’s father.
An illustration of Baghdad's Port in the Middle ages
An illustration of Baghdad's Port in the Middle ages 

Karim decides not to tell the kind old man the truth about his daughter’s death.

“You are Dalal’s father !? I met him on the board of Karameesh’s ship; she married and lives with him in the sea” Karim lies as he does not want to break the heart of the old man.

Old Salem is happy to hear about his daughter’s fate. He gives Karim money so it can help him.
Karim goes to the port and asks a ship Capitan to take him to King Magedwon’s Kingdom. The captain takes the money and orders him to hide from the crew.

Meanwhile, at Magedwon’s kingdom, Shamdwon acts to the advice of his new aide and sends one of his palace’s maids to make Yasmine change her mind.

Wardshan has a plan to get rid of Shamdwon’s insistence. She tells the maid that Yasmine does not want to be a second wife.

Samar is the official wife of Shamdwon who rules the Kingdom now.Wardshan decides to let her know what her husband wants.

Tomorrow night inshallah, we will know what will happen to Karim in that new voyage.

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