Saturday, August 29, 2020

Coronavirus on the Nile : A new month with a new week of COVID-19 live updates and news in Egypt

Another week, another live update of that Pandemic re-shaping the whole world.

Egypt is witnessing a re-increase in the official daily tally of coronavirus cases registered by the Egyptian Ministry of health.

From AFP
The man with a  mask and the camel at Giza's pyramids plateau "AFP"

Unofficially, many people began to report the return of COVID-19 among their circles but they do not go to hospitals or report to the authorities.

This increase in infections is happening at the same time, Egypt has officially removed the last signs of lockdown by allowing the Friday prayers in mosques nationwide last Friday.

Egyptian officials are still warning the public that they should follow social distancing and wear masks.

I am currently at the north coast for a short break and I can affirm that I am from the very few who still wear a mask.

The month of September is critical for the Egyptian government because I believe the number of cases will affect the decision to start the school and academic year as well as the start of a touristic season in the fall in October.

Here is our weekly live update widget.

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