Sunday, April 4, 2021

Watch Egypt’s Golden Pharaohs Parade in video

And Egypt succeeded in transferring its 22 ancient Kings and Queens’ mummies from the Egyptian Museum of Cairo to the National Egyptian Civilization Museum “NECM” in a huge spectator with big fanfares.

Modern Egyptians say hi to ancient Egyptians from their balconies
"Abdullah Ewais for Masrawy"

Here is a video of the parade organized by the Egyptian Government, mainly the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the Ministry of Culture.


One thing sure, the parade was successful and earned the admiration of many.

My favourite part is the music.

The music soundtrack is composed by Egyptian Music Composer Hisham Nazih and this all-Egyptian orchestra is conducted by Nader Abbassi. Singers Riham Abdel Hakim, Amira Selim and Nesma Mahgob sang in the amazing musical act.

The peak moment was the part of Amira Selim when she sang in Ancient Egyptian. Yes in Ancient Egyptian and it is exactly “Hymn of Isis Pride” text which is chosen by Egyptologist Maissara Abd-Allah Hussein.

The women musicians like Radwa El-Behairy won the admiration of the Egyptians.

There are many Egyptian brains and hands behind that work you saw and for the first time they are mentioned and not forgotten, in fact they are in the centre for the first time amazingly.

Now to the fashion in the show, Personally I love Egyptian star Nelly Karim appeared at Deir El-Beir temple in a dress designed by Egyptian fashion design Nour Azizi.

Nelly Karim
Majestically Nelly Karim in Nour Azizi's 
dress and Azza Fahmy's earrings 

Most of the fashion in the event were designed and implemented by Egyptian designers like Yasmine Yaya.

I wished that people were allowed to watch the procession live in the streets.

Hopefully, this parade will help in reviving the tourism industry in Egypt for real. We need more tourism money than ever for real. 

Now I must say that parade was so successful that many ask then why we fail in other issues !? We are not being cynical but realistically speaking and thinking. 

Maybe we got the right people in the right place for real this time.

There are other issues I want to speak about but there are issues one is following more pressing including GERD and the situation in Jordan. 

The parade at Tahrir square in Cairo on Saturday by  Amr Abdullah for Reuters
The parade at Tahrir square in Cairo on Saturday by 
Amr Abdullah for Reuters

Yes, the parade is over and the mummies are in a new Cairo home and we back to reality with many challenges facing Egypt above them the GERD talks, Coronavirus vaccination and the Coronavirus economy.

We got the Jordanian Game of the Thrones taking place in the 21st century.

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