Saturday, May 1, 2021

Ramadan Arabian Nights 2021 : Tale of King Mahorab “The Real King is back” Ep.20

Here we are on the 20th night of our Radio Arabian Nights this year.
We will continue our tale for this year, the tale of King Mahorab
First of all, You can refresh your mind with what happened last night here.

It is the 20th episode in our tale and the 542nd night of our Egyptian Radio show.

You can listen to the episode after the break.

King Mahorab wears the invisibility cap and heads to Serendib Palace.

He sees his half-brother Sagur who killed his other half-brothers and his vizier drunk as hell speaking to his old aide Morgan.

He ignores the meeting of the court preferring to be drunk.

"The Husband and the Parrot" by Arthur Szyk
"The Husband and the Parrot" by Arthur Szyk

Mahorab sees how Sagur decides to increase the taxes to pay the Kharaj for Khagan who sends his messenger to get the money.

Speaking while wearing his invisibility cap, Morgan thinks that it is the ghost of Mahorab coming back to haunt Sagur.

Mahorab calls Morgan to call for the court and public to gather.

The court and the public think it is the ghost of Mahorab that is speaking but then our king reveals himself and takes off the cap.

The real King orders the guards to send the messenger of the Khagan back to his country.

Mahorab says that he decides not to punish Sagur for what he has done against him but he will punish him for what he has done against the vizier, his 28 half brothers and his treason as he cooperated with the Khagan.

The public calls for the execution of Sagur and so he is sentenced to death or rather beaten to death.

Meanwhile, King Mahorab sends his men to retrieve the queens from the Khan.

Tomorrow night inshallah, we will know how the queens will live in the kingdom.

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