Wednesday, October 6, 2021

#Oct73 war anniversary : Watch in Arabic “The Glorious October” short documentary

Happy October war anniversary to all Egyptians and Arabs.

For this year, I stumbled upon this rare short documentary produced by Egyptian TV in December 1973. ‘Thanks to journalist and author Omar Taher on Twitter’

It is called “Glorious October” and it featured the exhibit the government organized in Cairo to show the Israeli prizes of war to the public”

That big exhibit was held in the place of Cairo Opera House in Zamalek or as it was used to know then “The Fairs land”.

The epic moment in that short 12:47 documentary is when an injured soldier who lost his leg danced on late Mohamed Noah’s popular patriotic song “Chiddi Hilek ya bala” or “be strong my country” which was a hit then.

This is the second year in Egypt, we do not have the “6th October” a day off due to the government’s decree to make Thursday a day off whenever a public holiday falls on a weekday allegedly to give the citizens a bigger and a long weekend !!

I have to say for a day like 6th October, we should celebrate the day on the same day before it becomes like any other day.

I do not need to remind you that there is another great documentary to watch directed by legendary filmmaker Shady Abdel Salam about the 1973 war and its heroes from Egyptian soldiers.

Unfortunately, it is not translated into English. I wish someone translates it.

The world has not heard our side.

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