Saturday, January 28, 2023

Concerning the attack in Palestine's East Jerusalem : A matter of time

On Friday the whole world condemned the attack against a group of Israeli settlers in occupied East Jerusalem near a synagogue by a Palestinian shooter.

The lone Palestinian shooter killed seven settlers and injured five others near a synagogue in an illegal Israeli settlement in East Jerusalem.

According to international media, it is the worst attack against Israelis in 15 years.

It is a terrible accident without a doubt but I am sorry to say anyone following what is happening in the occupying territories even for a short time only will tell you that it was going to happen eventually. 

I knew that something like that would happen eventually thanks to Benjamin Netanyahu’s alt-right government's ongoing escalation.

My question was when and where.

It happened hours after the storming of the Israeli forces of Jenin refugee camp killing ten Palestinians including a 61-year-old mother.

Two brothers whose father is a long-time prisoner in an Israeli prison were killed in the raid. Their brother was critically injured, and this is just basic information that did not make it to international media.

On Thursday the news came from Janin and I think many in the Arab world not only in Palestine knew that it would not stop here and the next day we got the shooting.

Now as more details emerged about that lone Palestinian shooter, you will realize that it was only a matter of time before this would happen.

It turned out that the lone shooter 2002-born Khairi al-Qam’s grandfather “who was named after” was actually killed in 1998 by an Israeli settler whom the Israeli media dubbed then as a “Serial stabber of Arabs” aka a serial killer who went on a killing spree and has not been arrested yet!!

Or maybe he was arrested and got away in 2010. Israeli settler Haim Perlman was arrested on suspicion of murdering al-Qam but he was released in 2010. Interestingly Perlman’s lawyer was none other than the infamous lawyer then and Israel’s current minister of National security Itamar Ben-Gvir.

I wonder when we will see that Netflix documentary featuring that serial killer who stabbed Palestinians in the late 1990s !! 

A Palestine boy and his rock against Israeli occupation forces on Friday 
near Nablus, West Bank in Palestine "Activestills"

Again, I would like to hint that East Jerusalem and West Bank are considered occupied territories since 1967 and according to international laws and United Nations security council “UNSC” resolutions Israel should withdraw immediately and effectively.

Also, according to international laws and UNSC resolutions, Israeli settlements are illegal in those occupied territories and Israeli settlers have no place there. 

Above all this, Israel is truly an apartheid state.

These are simple facts I would like to remind you of.

It is like an accumulated level of anger, frustration and desperation that leads to one result if you do not put an end to it in the right way, the only fair way.

Unfortunately, people like Ben-Gvir want this to happen and this is why I believe Ben-Gvir is actually a true danger to the Israeli citizens’ national security as well as Middle East national security.

Yes, the Palestinians in West Bank, Gaza and Jenin celebrated and cheered the attack, and I can’t ask them to act civilized because for years not for months or days they have been treated in an uncivilized way by the various Israeli governments according to international organizations above them the United Nations.

Already according to numbers this is the deadliest January the Palestinians have seen since 2009 and it is not over a year !! 32 Palestinians have been killed so far. It is like an average of one Palestinian every day!!

On Friday, a 10-years-boy Palestinian boy died due to the wounds he sustained last August during an Israeli raid in Gaza!! His name is Nayef Al-Odat.

The last straw for them was the raid in Jenin raid and I think both the Palestinian Authority nor Hamas do not have the same power to control them as before because they simply failed them.

The Palestinians especially the young ones in the occupied territories can’t take it anymore and they are angry, and they do not give a damn about what the international community think right now. They reached a boiling point and that new Bibi’s alt-right government is making it worse.

No one wants to confront the elephant in the room and holds Israel responsible for its actions and policies that actually endanger its citizens with!! It is the poisonous root for the problem that no one wants to remove and yet some believe that the flower of peace will flourish from that poisonous root !!

Already can someone tell me once one single Israeli policy concerning the Palestinians that succeeded in providing security to the Israeli citizens in the short run, let alone on the wrong run!?

Can someone tell me how ignoring the security council resolutions, the successive Israeli administrations since 1948 managed to protect its citizens for real to ensure a truly peaceful life!?

Honestly, I think the situation in the occupied territories either will deescalate or escalate into a new full intifada as already I believe each intifada in Palestine had its own generation and I believe the world may see that new intifada if Bibi’s alt-right cabinet continues its escalation.

That new intifada will be unique that I think Israel will witness a post-Palestinian organizations situation from lone wolves and lone groups of very angry Palestinians.

The first intifada started in 1987 while the second intifada exploded for real after Ariel Sharon’s provoking visit to Al-Aqsa Mosque in 2000. It seems that we are speaking about a 20-years-generational interval.

Anthony Blinken has one hell of a mission this week and honestly, I do not know what he and the Americans can do but I think they want truly to de-escalate the matter.

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  1. So this is my main takeaway from your stance on this matter: it's "only a matter of time". Why shouldn't Israel finally take a hardline stance against violence and incitement to violence by those who support the 'cause' of the so-called Palestinians? How long should Israelis be expected to tolerate people who want them to be obliterated "from the river to the sea"?
    In the last 100 years, since WWI saw the defeat of the Germans and the Ottoman Empire, at least 600 MILLION PEOPLE globally have been displaced by the formation of new nation-states, including this population exchange of Turks-Greeks:
    "The 1923 Greek-Turkish population exchange forcibly relocated one and a half million people: Muslims in Greece were resettled in Turkey, and Greek Orthodox Christians in Turkey were moved to Greece. This landmark event set a legal precedent for population management on the basis of religious or ethnic difference."
    The vast majority of these displaced people have adapted and TODAY live meaningful lives. It was the Arab League which forbade giving citizenship to Arabs who fled Israel in 1948 when the six or so Arab countries attacked the new state. And it is UNRWA which keeps them hostage in a kind of limbo instead of processing them for resettlement elsewhere.
    Please stop supporting the so-called Palestinians as victims.
    Stop using them as weapons against the Jews.
    Allow them to apply for resettlement in another country, such as my country Australia, if they continue to feel hostile towards Israel.


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