Saturday, November 11, 2023

Gaza War 2023: Hospitals are still attacked by "white phosphorus" , forced displacements on Day 35

For the second consecutive day, Israeli forces persist in their attacks on Al-Shifa Hospital, with some units reportedly advancing in the North of Gaza.

Gaza's El-Shifa Hospital
El-Shifa Hospital is the only building with lights now in its area in Gaza 
Saber Nur El-Din for EPA 

Video and photographic evidence captured the Israeli army once again using white phosphorus while bombing the vicinity of the hospital.

Dr Khaled Abo Samra is from the doctors currently there and he posted this on Friday.

"We are enduring the most challenging moments within the confines of Shifa Hospital amid the brutality of Zionism. The Israelis have specifically targeted the maternity and outpatient buildings, opening fire and causing shrapnel to hit the complex. Those of us who remain, the doctors, are resiliently holding on, endeavouring to organize and multitask as nurses and cleaners. We consider ourselves an integral part of this land, and we make a solemn promise that we will not abandon our post until our last breath."

Israeli forces and their tanks reached the Al-Rantisti Children's hospitals and ordered the people to evacuate, only when the Palestinian people raised the white flags and their hands in surrender, they were shot by the Israeli military.

One person was killed in the incident and two others were injured in the video above.

The Israeli attack on other hospitals continues. The Israeli army shelled at night the Indonesian Hospital. 

It was caught on camera.

Officially 21 hospitals in Gaza are out of service including the four pediatric hospitals, the psychiatric hospital and the only cancer hospital in the strip.

Witnessing the images of Palestinians being forcibly displaced within their own land, a profound sense of sadness envelops us as Arabs.

Viral photos and videos depict a massive exodus from Gaza's North to the South.

Contrary to some media narratives, there are still Palestinians who have chosen to remain in North Gaza, and they are not an insignificant number.

By some estimations, approximately 800,000 Palestinians have opted to stay in North Gaza.

Meanwhile, Israel officially announced that it revised the October 7 attack’s victims death toll to 1,200.

The Palestinian Health Ministry reports a total population increase in Gaza to 11,078 people, including 4,506 children, with the number of injured rising to 27,490.

In a statement to the United Nations Security Council on Friday, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), declared a grim reality: every 10 minutes, a Palestinian child loses their life in Gaza.

According to the Egyptian Red Crescent, about 725 trucks have crossed the Rafah borders crossing from Egypt to Gaza.

Gaza already needs at least 100 trucks daily carrying aid to cross the borders according to the UN officials.

Israel army inspects the trucks entering the Gaza Strip delaying deliberately their entrance to the city according to Egyptian officials. Sometimes, the Israeli military forces the truck to turn back because the boxes are too high thus they must be rearranged back in Al-Arish city !!

When it comes to the aid the Egyptian Red Crescent has received from other countries, here is a detailed breakdown:

Egypt (6944.29 tons), Algeria (104 tons), Bahrain (79 tons), Brazil (3 tons), Britain (56.3 tons), Colombia (10 tons), Denmark (42 tons), Emirates (13.5 tons), France (48.2 tons), Greece (5 tons), India (38 tons), Indonesia (23.8 tons), Iraq (18 tons), Japan (8.6 tons), Jordan (20.8 tons), Kuwait (412 tons), Libya (546.9 tons), Malaysia (16 tons), Morocco (25 tons), Pakistan (165.6 tons), Qatar(286 tons), Russia (115 tons), Saudi Arabia (33 tons), Tunisia (12.5 tons), Turkey (204.6 tons), Turkmenistan (14.3 tons) and Venezuela (18.15 tons)

In related news, the UK’s Royal Air Forces “RAF” admitted that it made about 17 military flights to Israel following the start of the war on Gaza.

British Investigative journalism website Declassified revealed that 33 UK military transport flights were to Tel Aviv in the last month, including every day for two weeks after the Gaza bombing began.

The RAF says that those flights do not involve the transfer of “lethal arms”.

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