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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nothing Else Matters

Farouk Hosni , our minister of culture who was dying from less than a year ago to become the curator of world cultural heritage had a press conference yesterday where he stated that the Van Gogh painting theft is no big deal !!??
Stealing a painting that is worth hundred of millions of dollars is not a big deal , so what is the big deal for his excellency !!??
Is not Farouk Hosni so called artist and a painter !!?? Should not he be the first one to understand the value of this painting by Van Gogh !??

The suspect
Is not it enough that we have not found the real thief up till now !!?? Did not Mohsen Shalaan draw some kind of portrait for some suspect !?? Where is that suspect now !!??
Shalaan is facing criminal charges and seems to be the next scapegoat despite he is not alone responsible 
Back to Hosni , well today his sister in law Farouk Abdel Salam has been reported to the general attorney. Abdel Salam got too many scandals in the ministry , of course not so surprisingly.
FYI there are speculations that Hosni would leave the ministry at last in the next ministerial reshuffle expected next October , there are three names we should pay attention too in the coming weeks : Mohamed Salmawy , Mohamed El-Sawy and Ibrahim El-Malam , the last two are popular among intellectuals and public in general plus they enjoy good relations with the businessmen class. Yes El-Malam is the publisher of Haikel's books and Al Shorouk daily newspaper but it would be good in the coming period to win or rather to tame the Egyptian intelligentsia in a way or another by choosing more popular and respected figure in the place of Hosni.
You know I think it will be Salmawy after all because the other two names can achieve something good regardless of what we think about them in the ministry of culture.
Anyhow there is a big chance we find Hosni who regrets accepting the ministry in his place so he can continue wasting our treasures !!
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  1. Egypt wants Britain to return the Rosetta Stone, which has been in the British Museum since the English kicked Napoleon out of Egypt in 1801. Perhaps Farouk Hosni would like to put it on display in the Mahmoud Khalil Museum. I hear one of the exhibit spaces is vacant.

  2. I thought his comment was worse than losing the painting. Shame on him!

    Egyptian in USA

  3. @Egyptian in USA, Mine was a snarky, trolling comment, I admit it. The British Museum is an obdurate, imperialist institution. Greece wants their Elgin Marbles back too, haha, so join the queue. Seriously, though, the British Museum is a better steward of its priceless relics than Egypt or Greece would be. Sad and unfair, but true. What was Egypt doing with the Rosetta Stone before Napoleon's minions stubbed their toes on it? Using it as building material in some crappy fort.

  4. @Jason: we want it back to be put in the new museum being built. I heard from an Egyptology friend that sadly when it came time to sit down and negotiate, the Egyptian side didnt seem to be serious about claiming the stone back!!

  5. I read about that. One deal being considered is that the British Museum would lend it for three months, for the opening of the new museum. But I'd be worried that Egypt wouldn't give it back.

  6. @Jason: well what make me shocked is that what this friend told me is that after making threats and demands about it, Zahi Hawas during his London visit, said to museum ppl something like we dnt want it really I was just pushing u!!! I think it belongs in Egypt, like many other items that belong back to where they all came from. Loaning items for extended periods to museums in the US and Europe is becoming a norm these days and I think a deal could be reached to give British museum some favorable terms.


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