Egyptian Chronicles: RIP Ahmed Ramzy “1930-2012”

Saturday, September 29, 2012

RIP Ahmed Ramzy “1930-2012”

Ramzy in Ibn Hamido 
Today Egypt has lost its beloved original heartthrob of 1950s and 1960s Cinema star Ahmed Ramzy.
The 82 years old actor passed away after he fell down on his head in the bathroom of his house in North Coast where he used to live for a long time. The half Egyptian-half Scottish actor wanted to be buried at the North Coast too.
I feel so sad , there is no girl in Egypt that has not fallen in love of Ramzy on screen in those black and white films from 1950s and 1960s. He was our original heartthrob with open shirts and smiley face.
My favorite Ramzy’s films are Zizi’s family “I wish that I had a neighbor like him” , Ibn Hamido “with his open shirt through all the family” , Days and nights and Chitchat on the Nile.
Almost all people loved him in romantic comedies and light romantic films. He was also our favoirte bad boy that broke the hearts of virgins in films. Oh God we got generations who had crush on that man.
Still He was not the best drama actor
His open Shirt was
a trademark 
After huge success in 1950s and 1960s , Ramzy’s stardom faded away and he starred in cult films produced in Beirut. Even his cult terrible films were iconic in their cheesiness if I may say!!
For almost two decades he quit acting yet returned back to appear as guest star in his close friends films and TV series like Faten Hamma’s “Moon Face” and Omar El Sherif’s “Hanan and Hanin”. Already he was El Sherif’s best friend since high school.
Now to celebrate the memory of that star , here is couple of clips you should watch and share.
First a tribute to Ramzy , the neighbor's son

First time to hear Nancy Agram's song , it is fun and light.
Second his famous scene in a drag in the epic Chitchat on the Nile

By the way Ramzy did not like President Nasser and believed that Egypt's best era was in time of Sadat. Late Aida El Shaer , the diva of folklore songs sing the famous iconic song “El Titsht a’ali”
Third his most famous interview in 1966 when he was being criticized by famous Laila Rostom for his always-open-shirt and how he wore a blue pendant to protect him from envy !! “It was given by his wife then.”

It was recorded in our pop TV culture how Rostom commented on his answer sarcastically and said her famous two words “Too Cute”. After 40 years the woman is still being asked about this interview despite she was like Barbara Walters in her time in Egypt !!
And last here is my favorite film "Ibn Hamido" , this film is an epic comedy where we got legendary stars like Ismail Yassin , Zainat Sedaky, the amazing Hend Rostom, Abdel Fatah El Kisry , Tawfik El Dikkin and of course our boy late Ramzy. I already learned its script by heart.

By the way this film's production budge was LE 15,000 and that beach was in Ain El Sokhna.


  1. wow how times change. This would be considered almost risque today in Egypt I think. (the last Video) with the girl putting her money into her bodice. :) Gun toting mama with the fishnet stockings. She looked a bit like Rita Hayworth who married the Agha Khan back in the 50s and they had one daughter, Princess Yasmin. Rita's photo was emblazonned on many of the WW2 aircraft back then in the 1940s. And Ramzy reminds me of Tyrone Power.

    Enjoyed the videos very much.

  2. Here is a photo of the Princess Yasmin Khan, daughter of the late Rita Hayworth and the Prince Khan:

    Here is Rita Hayworth, who I thought looked a bit like that actress too:

  3. @Deb in Az., The dancer with the fishnet stocking is Nelly Mazloum. She was an Egyptian dancer of Italian-Greek origin. She was a legend in her style of dancing in the 40's, 50's. and early 60's.


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