Egyptian Chronicles: For The Sake of History : When the power went off in Maspero last Saturday

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

For The Sake of History : When the power went off in Maspero last Saturday

This is a belated post, but it is for the sake of history, it has to be recorded.
The Famous Maspero building 
Last Saturday afternoon millions of Egyptians found out that the Egyptian State TV and Radio stations broadcasted from Cairo’s Egyptian Radio and TV Union building aka Maspero went off the air for several minutes.
Yes on Saturday 10 May 2015 a power cut hit  Maspero building because a malfunction in the main lighting system in Maspero building.
It was unprecedented. I do not recall that happened before since the inauguration of the Maspero in the 1960s.
Needless to say and sadly enough no one felt sad about it !!
It is worth to say that Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab apologized to the Egyptian people for what happened. There is an investigation reportedly going in Maspero to stand on the reasons behind that malfunction.
I do not need to speculate that the results of this investigation will be that the malfunction happened because the lighting systems were too old and needed to be upgraded. They were not upgraded because of corruption and so on.
What happened on Saturday should have a discussion about the future of Maspero or the Egyptian Radio and TV stations and its future in the Egypt especially with that fierce competition against the private owned TV channels. This is not happening and won’t happen anytime soon.
The Egyptian Radio and TV union can be Egypt’s BBC, but I think if it continues in this way or rather if Egypt continues on the path of that old 1952 state the ERTU will end like TeleLiban
Anyhow, this post was only about that the power went off in Maspero last Saturday.

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