Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I am tired

OK I have entered the house from a long day in College ,my head is tired and I want to sleep and do nothing at all except resting ,long day three lectures ,the last lecture was double one ,I hate the one giving it really ,I mean I must respect pers anyone teaching me any bloody thing ,but this guy doesn't respect the old profossers ,he made fun one of the old Professors ,yes this man is strange but he shouldn't make fun of him in front of the students
Another thing I don't like his political and economical views ,
He gaves an assignment to do which I can't do now coz I need to sleep
this is unfair
the good news this guy is not going to give any lectures to us next term :)

Monday, November 29, 2004

Jordan crown Prince Loses his title!!

Yesterday suddenly King Abdullah II of Jordan announced that his brother Hamza is no longer the crown prince .A surprise was the response of the Jordanian Street and the Arabic street in General ,and the surprise increased when The young king announced the reasons

Main reasons are the young prince wasn't free enough because of his responsibilities at the same time the title of Crown prince doesn't give him enough responsibilities or enough freedom to do more active role in the society !! Do you get anything !!??

Contradiction is obvious ,I know one thing any member in any royal family or even minister family in any Arab country has freedom then anyone else in the country

Another thing Prince Hamza was chosen to be the crown price despite it is against the royal constitution in Jordan that states the crown prince will the oldest of the King's male sons ,Before Hamza ,there was Abdullah (the King Now), Faisal and Ali ,then he and another one I don't recall his name

Hamza was chosen by the wish and order of King Hussein late king of Jordan before his death by days and some rumors said by hours .(Hussein once said about Hamza that he was the delight of my eyes)

why I am writing this ? well I am not convinced by Abdullah 's reasons , my middle eastern conspiracy theory mind says another thing and this thing was reinforced by the analysis of Al-Arabya news channel yesterday (the rival of Al-jazeera ,yet not strong like it) in indirect way , no can say the whole truth ,nothing but truth in Arab world

Ok Prince Hamza is just 24 years old ,works in Jordanian army ,he has just finished his study in either the U.S or The U.K ,I don't remember and got married from his beautiful cousin princess I don't remember her name but I saw their wedding in the TV
Ok this seems like a fairy tale but let's stop in one point ,Hamza works in the army ,he is an officer ,a good one and according to his position in the Kingdom he made some improvements in it (Al-arabya statement ,nothing else ,nothing more added except from my sick conspiracy theory mind)
Jordanian Army is not strong as the Egyptian or the Israeli or even the Syrian Army or the Saudi too
Yet gaining a good reputation in the army gives a high ranking officers a power among soldiers and other officers popularity that could gives them a power to change things or reach things in other words they can overthrow the ruler ( any military based country has this rule ,you can see it in reality in Latin America or in the great war between Nasser of Egypt in 60s and his defense minister Amar , a war that its main results was the awful defeat of Six days war)

Some well say hey ,is he going to make a revolution and steal the throne from his brother? guys this is just a theory
well he is a half brother to the king anyway his own dad ,got rid from his own father and took the throne ,it runs in the family
and it is not a new thing in the royal families in the Arab World , Prince of Qatar is an excellent example.

Back to Jordan ,now according to the laws the crown price has no political activity yet this isn't a holy law cannot be broken ,Prince Hassan ,the King's uncle and ex-crown prince ,had a great role in the political life of Jordan ,that till he left a gap no one can fill

Other interesting fact Prince Hamza is half American ,his mom is queen mother Nour (Lisa Halby) ,and he is being respected so much by the western world

Why do I am thinking in this way ? well in Jordan especially there were many attempts of Revolutions against royalty , many attempts to kill the king whether El-Hussein.

why do I care ? Jordan is next door to Egypt , I don't care what happens in south Africa

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Falluja part 1

ok more than two weeks had passed and manny news and events happened that I wanted to write about it but I was either busy or sitting in front of the T.V mainly (al-jazeera) just watching and even wondering

where shall I start?

Ok from Fallujah or Falluja (I don't really the correct spelling for it , even in Arabic in the Egyptian accent it is diiferent from the Arabic word ) ,anyway the small sunni town in the Iraq seems to me is already giving hard time to the American army that day after day the Americn army declares that it will complete escalating its operations against what is called ( the terms I will mention are being used in the different media channels in the Arab world ) Terrorists or Mulitants or Resistence or even aliens from other arab and islamic countries (not from Outer space ,thanks heaven) who just hate democracy and envey Iraqi people because they don't have this imported by force democracy in their own Countries !! (I swear I read such opinion in the same words but I give it my touch)

Ok the Armerican Army said it began its operations to catch Zaraqwi ,but after one week of war on Fulluja with destructive results lots and lots of civilian people dead ,with broken houses and a great anger ,Mr. Zaraqwi escaped from the town to join his brother Bin Laden (doesn't sound a real Muslim act to escape from a battle your brothers and sisters in Islam are being Killed ) strange isn't it

so Zaraqwi escaped but the attack on Falluja continues , now If I amnot wrong more than 3 weeks the operation the furious Phantom is still on , and every day Hurra tv ( the American funded News channel in Arabic says the U.S got a full control of the town!!!!) and that the Army forces destroyed the resistence spots and no more evil coming from Falluja.....etc

sorry I am not an expert in War strategies or military stuff but is the U.S army taking too much time in Falluja with its great powers from weapons and equipment ,technology , air raids ...etc not to mention there is seige around the town and still from the reports that are declared the Americans are facing fierce battles in south and that they didn't enter the side streets of the town ,just the main streets!

This is not a full control meaning ,this means there is a resistence and it is big one

Sunday, November 14, 2004

who will replace Arfaat?

Today the palestinian authority officails declared that the presidential elections will be on next january 2005 ,already the names of candidates began to appear to public since Arfaat was in Paris

Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazan), Rohy Fatouh( already president to palestine for 4o days till the elections), Dahlan ,Ahmed Qorei(abu Alaa) , Farouk Khaddoumi , Marwan Barghouti,Nabil Sha'ath,Yasser Abed Rabbo,Jibril Rajoub and Nabil Abu Rudeineh ,any one of them can replace Arfaat but it is not simple or easy

Already there are conflicts between the members of the palestinian Authority ,the PLO and Fatah most of the name mentioned ,except for Marwan Barghouti, has enemies from inside before outside

just few minutes ago the al-jazeera cut its usual broadcast to announce and broadcast that Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazan) was going to be shot in Ramallah , 5 or 3 from the security officers were killed , in way that made anyone feel that a storm is coming on the way

as an arab I can tell you for sure all the names mentioned except for Barghotti doesn't have the popularity in the palestinian street or even the Arabic street

I don't care who the United States or Iseral likes most but I do care for who the Palestinians will get real benefit from ,who will treat them well ,in civilized way ,doesn't steal their money or the money that is donenated by the rich arab gulf states( those countries gave huge sum of money in a way you can't it imagine for decades to help the palestinian people and the palestinian issue whether in Peace or before it ,but where is it?),a person really cares for the palestinian issue more than caring for himself

Abd El-Bari Attowan , editor in chief of the palestinian newspaper El-Quds that is Published in London (I hate this man and don't trust his newspaper ) said in documentary made by the BBC about Arfaat in title : Arfaat, the struggle for Palestine , that "Arfaat didn't made the palestinian State but Instead he made Arfaat State"

That 's what I mean

the Palestinian street doesn't trust the names of those guys who drive expensive black cars and live in fancy homes and send their children to be educated in Cairo or Beriut or even in the United states ,"where did they get the money for the big expensive black cars?"

Edward Said ,the late palestinian american thinker said in the BBC documentarty ,Arfaat ,the struggle of Palestine , that the popularity of Arfaat in the palestinian street goes to the fact that he didn't drive a black expensive car ,he didn't make a wall but him and the people like in the other Arab countries

this will be applied on Marwan Barghotti who is now in jail for many life sentences prisonin Iseral for accusiations that I don't believe it with my all respect .Marwan Barghotti will be officially canadidate for presidency ,his papers will be presented to the palestinian authorities by his wife ,the lawyor Fadowa Barghotti ,an example of a palestinian woman that is respected very much in Palestine, the opposite of Soha Arfaat

also this will be applied and don't be surprised on Hamas and Islamic Jihad ,the two famous militant groups in Palestine , no one can deny that they have a huge support in palestinian street ,despite being accused of terrorism ,but look from the other side (I am not defending them ) ,all Hamas and Jihad leaders live like the rest of palestinians ,share with them their saddness and happiness ,support them with their money ,most of the people who died in the clashes in the 2nd uprising their families were financailly suppported by Hamas group
Hamas and Jihad are both intelligent that they didn't enter the political officail life in palestine and here I mean the elections despite if they enter any election they will win with the majority but they didn't want to make a clah with the PLO

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Yasser Arfaat as a symbol and as man

Well at last Arfaat died peacefully in Paris ,after a very long life full of many stages from Resistence to Peace ,from union to conspiracies ,from exile to home again

with this man's departure,an era in the Mid East and the arab World will end some how ,the Era of Arab diginty and union ,a product from Nasser rule ,it was and it is and will be forever a good dream but it can be accomplished in the dictatorship that is spread from the Gulf to the Ocean

Back to Arfaat 's life ,today and till now the Tv is opened on Al-jazeera mainly then on Al-Arabeya ,then on El-Manar channel (owned by Hazb Allah of Lebanon and I was surprised to find the coverage of the event by them was excellent despite the relations between the palestinian authority and the lebanese Party is somehow not so good )

All channels are broadcasting things about his life ,for me as young generation it is for the first to hear it and it was surprising for me ,for my parents it wasn't something new ,they already know about it

in Brief this man's life can be turned in to a successful tv-series or a movie full of drama ,action and even comedy,it was full of contridictions

Beginning from his childhood ,brought up far way from Home in Egypt ,then joining the resistence group of Fatah (sorry for the spelling ,it may be somehow difficult to write certain letters from arabic in to English ) ,the Organization of palestinian liberation

during the 50s the organization hadn't too much support except from Egypt may be ,Jordan(a huge portion of population in Jordan is palestinian ,especailly after the six days way in 1967) and syria ,other then that most arab world was under a foreign rule

in the 60s the name of the organization and Yasser Arfaat's name began to appear to arabic public ,it was the nasser Era ,the dreams of the Arab union and Arab dignity after years of humilitaion in the Arab Land were the main characteristic for this time,
as I said before I got nothing against these dreams in fact for me it isnot just an arabic dream (a song was made having the same meaning from few years ) but it is a hope that can change in to wonderful reality ,and changing it in to reality cann't be in words ,or through a foreign support ,it comes from us as arab people

anyway back to Abu Amar (Arfaat's nickname) ,these arab dreams became dreadful nightmares after the six days war, all the hopes and dreams of better life that was given to Arabs by dictators like nasser and El-assad of syria was all illusion anddeception yet one battle gave hope to the Arabs again and confidence in the arab people

the dignity battle as it was called , a battle between 100 palestinians led by Yasser Arfaat and the iserali aramy ,the name of Yasser Arfaat associated with the Arabic dignity for many people who lived that event ,Dignity and resistence he symbolized them for many people till now

The palestinain Issue before Arfaat I feel it hadn't the same importance for the world ,in fact I guess all the operations against Iseral which is considered as Terrorist acts ,was to make the world pay attetion to the Palestinian issue ,till now many people call Arfaat a terrorist but many terrorists in the world became politicans and peace makers now , Lalia El-shahid for example the representative of Palestine in France ,used to hijack airjets in the past ,and more then this Mr.Ariel Sharon is a good example

Arfaat in the arab world isnot so popular in some specific parts like Kuwait( he supported Saddam Invasion to Kuwait along with late King Hussein ) ,this Ramdan in this year ,the first private own tv channel in Kuwait made fun from Arfaat

in Lebanon (lebanese people don't forget the attempt of some palestinians among them Arfaat to take their land as a subsititue for palestine ,causing a civil war and their existence in Lebanon was the so-called reason for the invasion of Lebanon by the Iserali army with its defense minister at that time Ariel Sharon ,causing wounds and troubles till now lebanon lives in ,a ghost of the past always appears for lebanese people when the talk about cancelling the right of return to the palestinian refuges ,the lebanese are ready to fight the whole world for it,

in Jordan ,some people hated him ,despite the fact that large percentage of People in Jordan are Palestinians including Queen Rania ABD ALLAH ,but also the traces of the black september are there, black september in the late 1970 or 1969 (can't remember) ,when Arfaat and his companions began to act in Jordan as if it were their land .working with their freedom forgetting the King and the people who host them

even in Egypt the land which he raised in and lived his childhood and youth and became familier with the world of resistence and war (he joined the Egyptian Army when Palestinians had the rights to join it,then he joined the liberation organization ) ,many egyptians remembered (including some members of my family ) he was so happy when president Anwar El-sadaat was killed ,he was among the arabs who refused the Peace with Iseral at that time despite the fact that he would have took from them much more land in that time ,than what he had took now ,in the insults against Egypt and the Sadaat were too much to any one to forget .

I guess Arfaat's problem is that he concentrated more on the Arab -Arab conflict then with his conflict with Iseral and the world

He used to call El-Sadaat as Traitor then after 20 years he signed the Peace agreement with Iseral and took just a few pieces from his land !!

from support of USSR to the support of U.S

anyway there were 6 attempts for killing him ,one was from a group his own companion !

I consider Arfaat as an arabian legend in contridictions ,brought up in exile ,then back to home to die outside it ,then to funeral in another country then to burial in home with a bunch of soil from El-Quds (Jerusalm)

tomorrow will be the funeral in Cairo from the EL-Gala Mosque ,with an offical military funeral ,tomorrow will the 12th of November (Youm El-Quds) ,jerusalm day ,half of AQSA Mosque (third holy place for muslim in Jerusalm) was burned in 1968 by a radical Iserali

Strange isn't it!

for turth I felt more sad for Shekih Ziad of UAE then Arfaat , Shekih Ziad Presented the Arab Dignity and courage then in Arfaat

anyway God Bless them both and may they rest in Peace

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Well President Arfaat is dying in Paris as you all know from the news ,resons behind his deadly illness still remains a secret between the french physicans treating him ,despite the reports and the news reaching to us in the Mid East and the Arab world confirming that he was poisoned by a slow poison in his food ,this was confirmed in indirect way by the annoucement in the Arabic media that there was an investigation in Ramallah in the Arfaat's headquarter with all the people who responsible with Arfaat's food and medicine

the Question here rises who poisoned Arfaat ?
the first answer can be the Iseralis but the Iseralis could have got rid of him from long time ,but still they are number 1 suspects especailly the threats of Sharon and his minister by killing Arfaat
the second answer appeared yesterday and the day before it when Soha Arfaat (his wife whom I was surprised to see it again after news they were divorced!!) accused the Arfaat's palestinian authority officals that they were iniherting him and wanted him dead ,accusation that had many meanings

yet the Palestinian street didn't care too much for her statement
for one reason they don't respect her as a wife ,leaving her husband away for 3 years with no support even in a television support or something ,they considered this act as escape ,the palestinian woman suffers everyday and she doesn't complain
while she is living in paris with the money of the Liberation Organization and the money of the Palestinian people
"where was she?" a palestinian woman said on the al-jazeera yesterday in a comment on what Soha said

for another reason ,Soha is being accused with other Palestinian authority officals from many parties with corruption and stealing the money of Palestinian people

But I am convince that if he was Poisoned ,the Iserali governmet will be behind it,he is not the first or the last palestinian killed by iserali government

anyway the funeral arrangement is beginning arranged right now in Ramallah for where he is going to be buried ,well sure not in jerusalem as Iseral refused (is there any more humiliation then this).but there is still a hope by tomorrow's visit of the Egyptian Foreign affairs Minister with other important officails (there was a romour that he is going to be buried in Egypt)

I guess and I expect the announcement of death or even the funeral will be in the next saturday not on Friday for two reasons

1- Next friday is considered in the Islamic lunar celander is last friday in the holy month of Ramdan ,the last friday as we call it ,it is important day ,and clashes can happen between the palestinians and iseralis after Friday prayer in jerusalem (Palestinians convinced that Iseral government poisoned their leader)

2- and I guess this reason is much more important that the date 12th of novemebr is the Quds Day (jerusalem day),

domenstrations could happen in this day in Palestine against Iseral and its policy

anyway the question here is what is going after his departure?