Monday, January 31, 2005

even in Iraq

Yesterday from the Coverage of the Iraqi elections in the news channels I noticed that Iraqis were voting in the Plastic transperant boxes ,I know this seems strange to you but those boxes aren't available in my country ,we never vote in such boxes ,so you can imagine how any election result will be and for whom ! ,it happened in Iraq and before it in Palestine ,both are under the occupation of another countries yet this doesn't prevent the right steps from occuring ,the palestinian presidential elections were free ,and the results weren't 99.99999% to Abu Mazan ,In Iraq despite my feelings and doubts about this elections yet the results won't be 99.9999999% like in other Arab countries

This is dedicated to the transperancy missing in our Political life

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Today in History

Ok today the 30th of January

1-Ghandi passed away unfortunally by a coward terrorist act that stopped that great indian peace maker from making a Peace trip to Pakistan .imagine if that trip happened for real ,do you think that the Indian -Pakistani relationship will be the same as now!?

2-King AbdAllah the Second of Jordan was borned in this day ,well I am not so fond with the Jordanian Royal Family whether the King or his wife Rania "For God sake the Egyptian Royal Family looked more Royal and prestiage than those Nomads,Look to HRH Fawzia Album and u will know what I mean

other Important things happened today many important stuff

Important thing happened today people

I was Borned

Happy Birthday to me

Saturday, January 29, 2005


By the name of God

Friday, January 28, 2005

I am angry

yesterday the Egyptian Journalism proved to be unefficient source and unprofessional by providing the public by false news that made them confused. LAst night the MIddle news agency said that HRH princess Fawzia KIng Farouk's sister and Empress of Iran passed away then this morning they said no it is not her it is Farouk's daughter then no one knows which one they really meant not a singel newspaper wrote the news or the information accompanied it right
This unprofessional Journalism is a result of dictatorship

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Empress of the Nile : The Start

ok Guys tonight I will tell the story of the Sad Empress of the Nile (the Beautiful lady,that appeared in the Blogspot for the first time in modern history)

Ok let's go back in time ,we are in the 20s of the last century ,a beautiful baby girl was born yet beside being so beautiful she wasn't a common baby ,she was the daughter of the King of Egypt and the first ever Egyptian queen of Egypt "Nazli was the first Egyptian woman to get married from a royalty from Mohammed Ali Turkish-Albanian Royal Family .The young baby's beauty was mix between her father Turkish look ,he was said to be handsome"the old pictures don't say so" and her mother Egyptian beauty "I don't know about this ,it is whether old photography is bad ,or I am suffering from something in my eyes",the old bat didn't resemble the Egyptian beauty except being brunette may be
They called her Fawzia coming from Fowz"winning" ,bad choice if you want my opinion they should have called "Jamilla""Beautiful" but the children must bear their Father King Fouad the1st first initial .Little Fawzia after her brother Prince of Upper Egypt and Egypt's Crown prince at that time,then came another 3 sisters .She was a very beautiful quiet child ,that was raised up in abnormal house despite it is the house or palace no.1 in Egypt ,A father that was so strict and a mother that hated him and feared him at the same time ,surely the young princess felt better when left Cairo and went to Europe to complete her studies yet she had to come when her dad passed away and her brother became the second king of Egypt and the last if they knew at that time ,she came back as dazzling young lady ,for a while things seemed good ,the young King married to Fawzia's closet friend safinaz "Farida" and the people loved the king more then his father ,yet the danger came from the royal family itself ,the Turkish family hated the wealth and influence the son of the Egyptian woman had ,they hated the young princesses for their beauty ,that why young Fawzia found herself a prisoner in one of the palaces by orders of her mother who feared from envy as Fawzia was the most beautiful among her sisters and her family "The old bat believed in those things"
My grandmother when she was a child she used to live in a quarter beside the Abdeen Palace "the main royal palace in Cairo" ,she always tells me how beauty and chic Princess Fawzia was as she saw her many times in Royal celebrations and royal parades also my grand mother both uncles used to work in the royal palaces ,one of as the body Guard of the king himself and the other was a physician
Back again to the beautiful prisoner ,Fawzia I guess she hated this ,any normal person would do so ,beside being a prisoner the royal family began to have a lot of struggles and scandals , The two queens Farida and nasal from one side on whom will be the queen,to Nazli and her husband first wife Shoikar who saw that Farouk didn't desreve the throne and that he must leave it ,to crazy sisters ,to her mother herself her royal highness was turned to be a sexmanic ,having affairs with every man she sees ,I guess this point of her mother had the most devastating effect on her as King Farouk had"it destroyed him",Young Fawzia was very smart ,respectable ,quiet and polite ,she didn't complain about this to anyone and no knows it ,here I just assume
all these conditions made her approve on the Persian proposal ,a proposal that would turn her life up side down
come back tomorrow to complete the next chapter :The Prince of Persia

with lots and lots of pictures
check the photos and tell me what do you thinks

Princess Fawzia  Posted by Hello

Young King Farouk in year 1936 Posted by Hello

King Fouad the first of Egypt Posted by Hello

Young princess Fawzia in Cairo  Posted by Hello

Queen Nazli of Egypt and her daughters

Queen Nazli and her daughters

Queen Nazli of Egypt and her Daughters the four girls, the older girls wore the Yashmak"The Islamic Turkish Veil ",the young girls wore the western hats as it was the custom for the Egyptian families at that time in 1930s Posted by Hello

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Good Syrian Policy

ok Syria ,a member in the presumed Axis of evil was in top of newsheadline by the Russian Mussiles problem that could and can be turned in to Crisis similar the famous cuban missiles crisis in the 60s , in fact both incidents are similar ,thes suppliers in both incidents are Russians, the importers of the missiles are left wing centralized politcal systems that considered as Allies to Russia ,the objectors are the americans .the only thing is different is This is Syria and that was cuba ,This is the Middle East ,That is Latin America ,and this is in war on terrorism Era ,and that was in the cold War Era, also a big difference there was no Iserali involvement in the Cuban Missiles Crisis "Lucky for the Cubans"
I just have a question ,what is bad if Syria bought a modern missile system from Russia? , don't tell me it is a honorable member of the Evil Axis organization ,terrorist country ,hates Iraq ,hates the world they are bad ...blah blah blah ,go for the real reason it isnot bad for Syria to buy a new missile system but it is Bad for Iseral ,Iseral is making the world thinks that As soon as Syria gets this missile system will use it against Iseral, The U.S ,the World and even against other solar systems
what is the big deal? I guess it is from the right of Syria to defense itself as long as it is in the sensible accpetable range "not to have WMD" also not use these military defences against other humans or countries for no reason ,it is by word "Defense" to protect it from other attacks "not all countries work by Napoleon advice {the Best way to defense is to attack} the only two countries work by it are Iseral {all its wars except 1973}and the U.S{War on terrorism} .It is the right from any country in the world to do ,but of course the Arab and Islamic countries don't have this right at all ,the same scenerio made before with Egypt in the 50s but Egypt was and is still much more powerful then Syria
Now with The U.S has the right to punish Syria according to the Law issued by the Congress ,for God sake ,why do they interfer in other countries business !! it is not their right to punish or reward because the world must n't work according the American and Iserali Interests only.Iseral is second in the world after the U.S in military budget ,it has the latest defense and attack business ,if you compared both armies syrian and Iserali {put in your consideration that Iseral has a larger budget ,advanced technology and more important a complete American support } ,you will know that a tiny missile defense system isnot a big thing , and the result in any battle will be for Iseral if there is no arabic and islamic support and the fighting spirit of Syrians {stronge Fighters from long time in history} is in holiday and I guess it is thanks to the dictatorship .No one can blame Iseral for having nuclear weapons and WMD but Kill the Arabs for having a water gun.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Coming soon to this blog : A princess tale

Princess Fawzia Ahmed Fouad
Coming soon Posted by Hello

what do you think about this lady? do you know who is she? I don't think so
come back soon to this blog to know all about this beautiful princess

Sunday, January 23, 2005

And The story goes on with Ayoub The Egyptian

We will complete the Tale of the Ayoub the Patient today but first you should go to my entry from yesterday exactly and read carefully so in case if you aren't regular visitor to this space you will have a abackground of what I am saying anf in case if you are a regular visitor to this space ,you will remember what I am saying

so go for 4 seconds and come back

ok welcome back, we will complete or tale with Mr.Ayoub the Egyptian ,who we don't know was he Egyptian or not ,this time I will tell you what I think and my thoughts of where this legend came in the Egyptian culture heirtage.I think this legend or tale is based upon two parts or these two parts are major the reason behind Ayoub the Egyptian and they are interrelated to each other ,they are the religion and the socail culture

1-The religion Part ,Ayoub was a prophet as it was mentioned in the Quranic tale ,and Egypt is known by its host to the prophets like Ibraham ,Moses ,Jesus ,Joseph and other and that is why it is called the Prophet's land( we will have a long talk in this part sooon) ,so May be Ayoub the prophet had lived in Egypt yet it is not mentioned in Quran where he lived or when.He could have lived in Egypt and old ancient Egyptians knew about him and told their descendents and so on ,and in this case ,he probably had lived either in the ancient Egyptian Era at the time of Pharoahs or the roman copitic Egyptian Era at the time of romans and greeks . or may be he didn't come near to Egypt but People either believed he was egyptian for the mentioned above reason or they wanted to believe that he was an Egyptian for the coming below reason.

2-The Socail part ,May be the Egyptian people wanted a symbol for their famous egyptian patience ,a symbol that personifies the patience in its greatest shape ,so they chose Ayoub whether he lived in their land or not ,they chose him as he was mentioned in the Quran ,and for his great patience and devotion to God ,as the Egyptians are very religious too ,Every people on this earth has a hero ,a symbol for every characteristic it has

A question rises here ,why are the Egyptians so patient ?

The answer lays in history ,as you all know Egypt is the oldest and even some historians say it was the first ever nation that took Agriculture as a profession in the ancient times even before Iraq, and that goes to important factors the Nature as the Nile river and the human factor as the Egyptian .If you read the history of the professions and the location influence on the human ,you know that Agriculture and the rivers valleys increases the stabilization and security for any civil society this is number one ,also if you are familier with the Agriculture process you will know that the Patience has a key role if it hasn't the major role in this process .The farmer simply put the seed in the land ,gives it some water and waits for it to grow to become a crop ,as you see this is Patience ,from here the Egyptians learned to be patient ,they will wait and wait till they get what they want ,also this patience learned them to be peaceful for the same reason they get what they want and they know they will get for sure

yet their patience sometimes is translated in to passive act especailly when it comes to dictatorship system that had been ,and has been always ruling the land of nile since the pharoahs till God knows when The Egyptians don't look it at this way ,they think that they will be patient on the ruler as long as they are not humiliated or their living status is not affected economically in other words they rebel only by the hunger power,they will wait till either the ruler he dies or some miracle comes and take him off the throne of Rule and the history had ,has and will have a good example of what I am saying

yet the Egyptians are not patients as Patience has limits as Thuma said in her beautiful song ,as I said they lose their patience by the hunger power ,they lose their patience if they feel they are so humililated ,they lose their patience if they felt that their religions are being insulted ,as you see they will act as mideterrarian people in the end

Also an important fact ,Egyptians don't have any patience on any invaders and the examples are alot . the weakness points of our Patience are many see it as weakness ,especailly rulers who take for grants and stole the wealth and freedom of the people of the nile valley ,also this patience is sometitmes turned to surrender

The strength point is that you don't know when this patience ends and mostly the timing of the long sleep end is always surprising to the enemis and benefeticators ,the revolution of the egyptian people is just like big sleepy volcano that is errupted suddenly .

I have to go now coz little shosho is sleepy yet before I go I hope you liked my tale and tell me what do you think

another thing ,be ready this year and follow the news of mon payes as there will be important test for the Egyptian Patience

The Country of Ayoub The Patient

I was really sick and I had a real bad toothache that made me the couple of days crying day and night till I managed to go to the dentist and there he took off the tooth causing all that pain, after taking off my tooth the dentist stood and he was really tired and told me : "MISS you are really Patient , an orginail citizin from the Ayoub The Patient 's country"

He was right ,I was really patient despite the pain ,I didn't make any silly movement people usually make at the dentist's clinic ,I actted according the Egyptian old common saying "To feel a pain for just one hour ,is better than feeling it every hour"

But who is Ayoub the patient ?

Ayoub The patient 's story orginailly came from Our Holy Book 'The Quarn' The holy Book of Islam ,it is a Quranic story like the Biblic Stories .In The Quran , Ayoub the Patient was a prophet and a good wise old man who God wanted to Test his faith and devotion by making him ill with a severe illness with no cure,that illness continued for years and years with no cure except by Ayoub's Patience and his Faith in God's Mercy.After his long Patience on illness , Ayoub was ordered by God to go to a water source and wash his body in it so that his body would be clean for any disease what so ever .This Quranic story was to show the Muslims that God always Tests humans to see how strong their devotion and faith ,and that the only way to pass these tests are by faith and Patience ...This is the Quranic Part .

here comes the Egyptian part of the tale ,there is a legend in the land of the pyramids saying that Ayoub the patient was an old good wise Egyptian man who lived in Egypt somewhere in Ariesh in Sinai (by the Egyptian-Palestinian borders) and that the water source mentioned is the Mediterranean sea

But as you see ,the Quran didn't mention any thing about the nationality of Ayoub or when he lived from near or far yet there is something more intersting

Everyyear hundreds of Simple Egyptian people across the country come to Ariesh in a speific day (I guess according the old ancient Egyptian calender ) to wash their bodies in the mediterranean for the hope of miracle to cure them from their diseases and illness,the story became a legend

And Ayoub became an example for patience in Egyptian Culture heritage and this is obvouis in the famous quota "Ya sabr Ayoub" 'oh Ayoub's Patience' ,it is said when you see a person who is so patient on his trouble ,or when you wait alot for something or someone

the rest is coming tomorrow with God's will

Egyptian Nights

Ok guys as I am Egyptian Sheherazade I decided to begin my Egyptian nights ,the Egyptian 1000 nights and additional one night My Egyptian Nights I will present you to Egypt that you don't know ,Egyptian legends and tales ,Egypt in another way ,I hope I will be a good story teller

Today I will began my nights with The Ayoub The Patient ,I hope it would be intersting enough to make a regular visitors for this tiny Egyptian hobbit hole

Friday, January 21, 2005

Back again

I am back again to this space after long time of absence and I really miss soooooooooooo much so wait 4 me

Sunday, January 2, 2005

Animals Escaped Tsunami Waves

First check this the Jeff rense site

This I assure you always happen ,I remember in the year 1992 when Egypt faced the horrible earthquake of 12th october ,that our relatives' cat escaped from the house and returned after the eathqauke ,then they began to notice it before the following quakes ,as it always hides in a safe place

I guess no one noticed before the earth quake or the Tsunami the disappearance of the animals,it is a human nature to feel everything is okay that we don't notice what is going around us .It is a kind of confidence a false one,based upon the assumption that we know everything around us, why not ? espeacilly we reached the moon and invented the nuclear bombs and made the Earth a small village after all

my dear friends what happened in south Asia shows an important ignored fact that the Human is still weak person who knows nothing in the world around him ,a weak ignorant creature in a vast universe.

we pretend we know everything in this world from space to medicine to physics to etc and etc ,yes we know many things but still there are more things we don't know and we won't know it because we are simply human beings

there are many things in this world we won't know forever ,they remain as a secret and unsolved riddles for us ,among them is the animal disappearance before nature disaster occurance

Our biggest sin in this world is our blind confidence in our selves and in our presumed know-all - sciences ,we know just 2 % from 98% of the full knowledge

at the end I will recall an Aya from the Quran "And what are you given from Science is few "