Friday, February 18, 2005

The Story won't finish in Lebanon

'The story won't finish' a song in Magda Romi's hit album 1996 'messages' Magda is a no.1 Lebanese singer in Lebanon and also No.1 in the Arab world after Shadia now ,it is a political song with strong lyrics which I didn't understand at that time despite I understood other political songs,poems ,at that time I thought I didn't understand because Magda sang in native Lebanese accent
Now I can understand the song ,in fact the song pumped in to my head with its lyrics ,with its fierce music and Magda's strong voice when I saw the pictures of Mr.Rafik El-Hariri funeral ,his tomb ,the anger of the Lebanese ,the site of San George Hotel ,all of it
I understand very clearly after watching those t.v programs ,documentaries ,now because of this sad event I sat in front of the Lebanese TV screens ,watching Lebanese parties leaders and people talking ,experts and I am afraid the last 76 hours can be historical in the future for what is going to be happened next as it will not determine two countries destiny but the whole region from the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf
The middle East now is on the edge of Explosion because of the Lebanese situation ,threats from the U.S to Syria ,And Syria with its Shami Boldness restrengthen her union with Iran 'some call it foolishness ,no it is a shami boldness' ,at the same unfortunately the Arabs seem more and more in their coma they don't see what is happening or what is coming
here also I remember Mahmoud Darwish 'the famous Palestinian poet' poem 'The Mask fall down' ,ironically he wrote it in the Lebanese civil war and was sang also by Magda strong voice
I won't speak log but I must clarify some important points and share it with others especially non arabs 'I wish the Arabs too' ,after watching Mr.Walid Johnbalt 'the famous dorooz socialist leader' interview tonight in Future Lebanese I got what the Lebanese wants are and the real situation far away from any bias whether American or Syrian
1-The Lebanese people want the Taa'f agreement to be implemented completely ,this agreement was made in 80s with sponsorship of Saudi Arabia ,Syria ,the people who signed it are the Lebanese princes of civil war at that time ,from Muslims,Christians, Dorooz and Shiia
2-A respectable peaceful departure of the Syrian army from Lebanon , a respectable peaceful departure ,a beautiful political expression that was said several times by Mr.Johnbalt today and in other interviews too, respectable peaceful departure means the Lebanese people want the Syrians to leave their country with no interfering from abroad or any punishment laws from the American congress or any American by force -giving freedom like in Iraq ,no sir in this case especially the last one they fight with the Syrians and they will die for Syria 'at the end we all Arabs speaking Arabic'
3- The Lebanese people welcome the nature and more nature relations with Syria ,they could even welcome the existence of the Syrian army in its land but in the terms of an equal treatment between the Lebanese citizen and Syrian Citizen ,in the terms of understanding that Lebanon is independent free country not a slave country to the Syrian regime, Lebanon respects all what Syria gave from blood to protect her from Israel ,Palestinian P.L.O madness ,from the dividing Lebanon on the basis of religion ,yet I am afraid the dictatorship regime thought Lebanon is another governorate in Syria so the jails ,the spying ,the K.G.B style is used,I think they are trying to do so because they are afraid that the Syrians will be infected but the Lebanese love of freedom and fight for democracy ,in fact after the last 72 hours all Arab regimes including Egypt ,Syria and even the new democrat Iraq will be afraid from the people voice
4- With Hairi's departure the Lebanese-Syrian regime lost the Sunnis and I was surprised with their strengthen in Lebanon it is a hidden giant in Lebanon like the Shiia in Iraq and not them only in fact the much more powerful silent giant in Syria is Sunni as the regime there is Shiia ,so no wonder that Amal Movement and Hazb Allah Party in the South are with Syrian regime
5- The U.S shouldn't put so much hopes to depend on Lebanon to get to Syria ,for few words said by Mr. JohnBalt 'remember the name very well as it seemed he will lead the Lebanese peaceful fight with Mr. Bahaa El-Hariri Son of the late prime minister 'El-Hariri 's body went through Beirut ,Beirut the Arabic ,Beirut of Gamal Abd El-Nasser 'the late Egyptian president, the symbol of arabhood and refusal of any external interferring in our affairs ,for me he is the symbol of contradiction yet he gave the Arabs some kind of missing-now dignity
This is only for now but I promise to speak more about Lebanon the green and Syria the bold
The Story won't finish ,and I am listenning now to the soft Music of Simon Shahin 'Lebanese musician ' in instrumental piece called "Silk Tears " I hear and remeber Mrs. Hariri beautiful Nazag and her tears on her husband ,so away from politics ,I see tears on a beloved husband ,an unexpected depature ,fierce one ,she is now a woman regular woman inside away from her money ,make -up ,palaces ,a woman with sad crying heart ,an arabic woman 'she is an example of the real arab beauty despite her age' ,her tears are silk tears

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Farewell to the last queen of Egypt

ok more sad news to the Egyptian Royal family , HRH Queen Nariman ,the last queen of Egypt ,and the mother of King Ahmed Fouad had passed away this morning after a long struggle with illness ,Nariman was my favorite yet I ask God to Bless Her soul because she saw too much and suffered alot just like all the royalities , my Grand father made the first book about her in Egypt and from him I knew that she was an ordinary girl who just few days found herself a queen who gave birth to the crown prince and to live in a royal dream for few months ,then suddenly to woke up with the nightmare of the revolution of 1952
May God your Soul ,Nariman Sadak

Celebrating the Valetine by watching Exorcist:The begining

Well I think it is an excellent choice for the valentine horror movies are suitable for a single person not looking for anyone ,I went with other 4 girls solo like me ,we chose this movie by my advice ,I like stephen King based upon movies ,and they agreed because it isnot a romantic movie that would remind them with their loneliness
and here we arrived to the cinema Galaxy 'the gathering for all cairo univeristy students' 6 screens ,all the people are couples in loves carrying red roses ,red boxes ,the love was in the air 'ok may be they will go for the other movies not the one horror we chose'
The big surprise ,we were the second group to go in the showroom after two girls 'single too' then the couples attack from every direction 'we look like lesbians' my friend told me ,all we were young lovers ,except two married couple sat in front of us 'age 40' ,also from every party in Egypt chirstians and muslims ,radical amd open minded .really it was love actually !!
The movie began here I released something the Egyptian people see the horror movie as a comedy one ,despite all the killing scenes but really The guy behind me kept makng fun of every scene that I swear I laughed in some of the darkest scenes ,so did the rest
ok the movie as usual not as good as Stephen King's book ,in fact there are many question marks about the events in it ,just like how come Sara all the movie seemed to be fine then she is the one who turned to be possessed by the satan from the beginning ,also the kid Joseph who thought to be possessed ,the kid saw his brother eaten by wolves because he took something Joseph had it ,and he didn't show any regert or fear ,you have the feeling that he was possessed ,I don't know the director here left this part
The best part or scenes are the battle between the British and the african tribe 'the torkana' to preseumble the old battle that happened between the chirstians in the beginning of the film , it was so artistic ,showing what the satan really wants from the human to kill each other 'british solider kills another british solider ,african kills another african' after the satan was behind the first murder on Earth when Adam's son killed his brother
I like the movie and after I saw it I know why people came in couples ,because in some horror scenes ,you need someone to calm you down and to hold his arm and hide your face in his side

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

ok read the article , I know that I live in a dictatorship country and we always since the Pharoahs have only a single rule ,solo one ,from the craddle to the coffin but we don't lose hope of having a good leader'not democractic' ,and had through time some excellent rulers ,from my point of view like Babris in the mid ages ,Mohamed ALi Pasha 'my favorite ,Mohamed Naguib and Anwar ElSadaat 'Yes I love him !" ,ok Sorry for the long introduction ,this article goes back to days ago now tomorrow the GAD 'tomorrow 'party will have a protest in front of the high court in Cairo
at the same time today the parties dialogue in Cairo between the National democratic party and the opposition parties 'reminds me with the civilizations dialogue that was never succeeded' refused any kind of external inferring the Egypt for any reason like supporting Democracy and Human rights 'words to The U.S'
Bush said in his speech in the congress 'The great proud Egypt 'I love this part' must lead the mid east to democracy as she led it before to Peace' here I remember Laila Mourad's famous song 'beautiful words ,sensible words, I can't say anything about it BUT'
BUT the democracry won't come from the U.S and surely won't come through Mr.Ayman Nour ,for the following reasons:
1.The U.S doesn't really won't the real democracy in Egypt ,in fact it fought it this since 1954 ,a real democracy means the will of the Egyptian people will have the first and the last word ,and through the last 20 years ,the real Egyptian will and wants are against the American plans in the region ,so plz stop this fancy talk
2-Mr.Ayman Nour ,I don't hate him or I am 'Heavens Forbids' with national democratic party ,is not the symbol of freedom or the messenger of democracy in the region ,this man has alot of question marks around him , he has no loyality and always transfered from different parties causing problems here and there and i tell you and ensure you there is no public support for his party 'of course this goes to the media bias ' yet I don't know I don't trust him
3- I am not with Mr. Ayman yet I am with changing the election law to permit many candidates instead of one 'yes or no question and the answer is always 96% yes and 4% said no"

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Monday, February 14, 2005

Beirut's bloody day

Today is a red day in the Lebanese Capital Beirut but not because of the valentine day ,but because of the death of a man who brought it to back alive after the civil war .
As you check it at the and some of you may have watched in the news today and I know most of you know nothing or few about Lebanon or Al Hariri that earlier today in exactly 1 pm Beirut local time ,a huge blast happened in the Lebanese capital in ,9 people were killed from the huge blast among them and the main character in the scene ,the most important Lebanese character in the last 20 years whether in the political theater or the economy arena : Rafik Bahaa El-Din El-Hariri
Go and read the details ,here I won't go for the main details from the number of injured ,killed and so on except that 9 people died ,a Lebanese minister accompanied El-Hariri is now hospital in a critical condition between life and death because of the burns
here I will present my views after a whole day of watching Lebanese and Arabic news channels ,hearing all those experts views ,watching segments and so on
I will go for the blast ,the blast is the greatest since the Lebanese civil war 

" It was huge one ,that we in the Parliament felt it ,the doors were shaken " 
Bassem El-saba 'member in the Parliament. 
You should know that from Beirut's map the parliament in the east while The location of the Blast in the marine road is in the north west ,one or two kilometers between them , The blast smoke was seen all over Beirut ,it made great hole in the ground as if there was alien attack on the region ,the glass in surrounded buildings was shattered all over the streets ,55 cars were burned ,it was a re-winded scene from the Lebanese civil war
The Target ,well two targets here the direct and indirect ,I go for indirect after awhile ,The direct target as you knew is Rafik El-Hariri ,Late Rafik was in his motorcade coming from the Parliament "the last picture for him is here". 

His motorcade was a big and powerful one comes after the motorcade of President Mubarak "I saw it once and indeed it was so secure" King Abdallah ..etc. several cars in it ,no one know which one he used ,got two jeeps with special electronics for interpreting any remote devices and so on "I am on an expert in those stuff and its names in English ,pardon me",Hariri had his bodyguards and his team with his friend a minister and Parliament Member Basel Faihan "sorry if I wrote the name in a wrong way" .
Rafik El-Hariri was a moderate very much as Mr.Ghassan Twinay said 'famous Lebanese journalist'
He had a Good relations with all the Lebanese parties, Strong relations with Egypt and K.S.A ,Good relation with Syria and Iran ,Moderate calm relation with the U.S and the strongest relation with France 'a close personal friend to Chirac'
He had enemies like any human being working in economy and politics yet even his enemies didn't want to kill at all
The Timing ,a mid day in the one of the most busiest cities in the Arab World ,Beirut ,the date in the valentine day 'I know it seems silly but look to from another angle' Beirut and Cairo , cities with restaurants ,cinemas and theaters..etc ,this day is money making  ,hotels ,restaurants all are full with customers, it is busy city already , also tomorrow was supposed to be big day in the Lebanese political calender ,an election was supposed to be happened 'El-Hariri opposed this election and it is now postponed to unknown date'
Location, a very busy part from Beirut ,the Cornish overlooking the Mediterranean sea , two famous 5  hotels ,administrative buildings with banks branches like HSBC ,with many  shops ,cars ,people
here you have the image the motorcade moving fast then bomb .. a huge blast
I have many thoughts now even I am not Lebanese yet I am feeling sad and I became sadder when I think more and put things together
Don't believe Al-Jazeera video tape that was released saying some group hates the K.S.A decided to Punish all those who have relations with the bad Saudis...! A false dummy tape ,a man that speaks Arabic in a funny way and even the words he had chosen to say his speech are so so weak from the sentence structure ,not to mention the location and the man himself
another proof comes from an expert of terrorism and war Dr.Mustafa El-Ani

"this act is professional one by a remote control not a suicide bombers ; between 20-40 person had participated in it ,the T.N.T are either from the Military type to make such a huge blast yet had to be hidden in a normal car, or the regular plastic T.N.T and in this case it is impossible because we need a quantity equal to a huge water tanker to make such explosion. it is professional and I don't believe that a new group like the one in Al-Jazeera is behind it , in fact in the real operations like this the ones who are behind it will never ever say we did so , that group is may be sent to confuse people yet people are smart enough"
El-Hariri if you don't know was the strongest and most popular character in Lebanon ,gave a lot to Lebanon ,donated by millions to restructure it, and send his country's people abroad to learn "50,000 Lebanese got his scholarship'
so why it happened I will take the words of Dr.Mustafa Al-faky ,the adviser of President Mubarak of Egypt in Foreign affairs :

"Many reasons can be behind it ,many people and parties can be behind "
Here are some rare pictures of the event that turned Beirut from the city of red roses in the Valentine to the city of red blood in Cold February

Sorry if they are terrible ,but believe what I saw today was much much terrible
This is the last picture taken today to the late Mr.Hariri may God bless his soul

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Red Cairo-Kessinger and the reds

Happy valentine people all over the world ,every boy and man should have selected a gift to present to his girl in this love day
In Egypt ,Cairo became a red capital for two reasons: The Valentine Day and The Ahly great victory on Zamalak yesterday
Every gift shop ,flower shop ,Cafes and restaurants made itself ready for the love day ,thousands of red flowers in the flower shops are now for sale ,Gift shops and perfume shops raised the prices of Gifts and Gifts wrapping to the double!! Restaurants in this international days only for couples so the solo people like are not invited 'I am thinking of taking my little cousin Mido with me tomorrow to friday's boat ', Also Concerts for romantic singers like amour Diab 'if he is a romantic ,what Halim is!!' and Haifa Wahby 'sorry she is not a romantic ,she is a b*[I don't use bad words in my space] ,and the Lebanese duo Rageb Alama and Elissa will rock Cairo in one of the 5 stars hotels also tomorrow!! What Can I say it is a season for love and money making
Yesterday and today Cairo was and is red till now beside the preparation for the big l'amour jour but also for the great triumph of The Ahly Club yesterday in its match with the Zamalak [they are like arsenal and MU] ,I like Ahly coz I like Salah Salim ,one of its legends [big story about hi,],Ahly 's Flag is red one ,so you can image now ,all ahly lovers despite the cold weather putting red flags every where
the matches of the Ahly and Zamalak are also money making season ,flags selling ,scarfs, stupid dump stuff from Mobile phones logos, wall paper,people are getting crazy more and more by this magical round ,Egyptians are made about the football ,I can put them in the same category with The British,The Italians and Brazlians for their love to Football and their undeserved care to the football players
Here I remember a nice tale about the fox of the foreign affairs in the U.S ,Mr.Henry Kessinger , when he came to Egypt in 1973 or 1974 to open the negotiations with El-Sadat after long time of bad relations with the U.S because of Nasser and his alliance to the U.S.S.R [Egypt was from the left red camps before the sadat era] ,when He came as I said ,the people of Egypt and their habits weren't known yet to the Americans ,He was in the presidential car going to meet El-Sadat at the same time Ahly clan was playing in Cairo stadium ,for his bad luck he had to go beside the stadium at the same time Ahly won ,the match was over ,people were going
out carrying Ahly red Flags and singing in a way nearer to screams
so here is the scene ,Kessinger sitting in the car suddely he saw thousands not even hundreds but thousand screaming in Arabic ,holding red flags coming near his car, so Guess what he thought
He thought it was a communist protest against his visit
yet thank goodness ,the people with him in the car from the Egyptian officials told him
about what it was really about
Happy Valentine Guys

Legendary Shadia

Legendary star Shadia in her epic role as Fouada in Something of Fear Posted by Hello
Edited on 6 October 2017

Happy Birthday Shadia Posted by Hello

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Happy Birthday Shadia

Ok from just 2 days only ,my favorite Artist Shadia celebrated her birthday [I don't know how but I guess she is in her 70s year, may God bless her ]
Happy Birthday Shadia
ok Who is Shadia?
I will tell you
Shadia is the actress of the 20th century in Egypt with respect to Soad Hosni and Fatan Hamma, Shadia was complete artist ,she is an excellent singer with a great soft voice , she had a real female voice that can make you happy or sad ,she was the favorite singer to the great legendery "OM KALTHOUM" a.k.a the planet of the orient.she is great actress who presented all kind of movies from Comedy to tragdy to politic to romantic ,she worked in the radio ,presented before quitting her career one of the most successful plays ever in the history of the Egyptian Theatre , a complete artist
she is a great person ,a real example on how the Egyptian woman really is , the kind ,sexy intelligent yet cautious and stubborn when it is needed ,example ,acting the no.1 political movie ,also the movie of the century in Egypt ,Something from fear , critizing Dictator Gamal Abd El-Nasser ,no actress accepted the role except her 'one day I will talk about this movie as it is from my favorite'' she was the sound of our dignity in our defeat in 1967 when she sang 'Egypt my love', she was the sound of our happiness in our victory when she sang "Egypt today is in feast'
She left lights , wore the veil and is living in peace now ,enjoying the rest of her life, she gave alot to Egyptians and Arabs .she Gave them Hope ,Love and happiness
God Bless You Shadia
and Happy Birthday to you ,aquarius Girl
Om Kalthoum is the Sound of Great Egypt ,it is Egypt itself while Shadia ,The brunette of the Nile is the sound of the Egyptian Woman


well I don't like Camilla nor Charles as I Like the Late Diana , and I think she was the victim of Charles , my admiration to Diana isn't because She loved and died with the Egyptian Dody El-Fayed more than she was from the people who made a real difference in The world

Happy new Year

Today is the new year in the Islamic Calender and its lunar months

It is the Hageri Year of 1426

Happy New year for all Muslims all over the world, I hope this year is better then the one before and that Middle East will live in Peace

And more Important The Arab countries agree on something useful for the first time in their lives other than not to agree on anything


Bond will return in Casino Royale

OK the next bond Movie the 21st in the series will be based somehow on the Fleming's book "Casino Royale" the first ever bond book,this book presented James Bond for the first time to the world ,also it was transformed in to TV black and white show in the United States in The late 50s before the movies ,the character wasn't the British James Bond but the American Jamie Bond !! I saw parts of it ,well it was a sort of comedy

Also there was the comedy presented by my favorite Peter Sellers with Woody Allen , it had the same name casino Royale ,I saw it ,it is the Austin Powers of its time "I think It is much better than Austin Powers"

The question here ,who will become the next Bond after Brosnan ? is Clive Owen or Hugh Jackman or ..........etc many names

well my favorite Bond is Connery ,by the way I am big Fan of Bond

tell me who is your Favorite Bond ? and who you want to see in Tux?

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

The Empress of the Nile : The Prince of Persia

OK Guys today we will complete our story with the Empress of the Nile ,If you don't what I am talking about go back in history just for tow days ago only and check the first eposide to make back ,if you know what I am talking about ,Go ahead complete the journy with me

Today the second Eposide :The Prince of Persia

OK we will go in time in the 30s at the great ww2 ,the war of the world, most of the Royal families in Europe escaped from its countries the Royal families like in Greece ,Italy found a refugee in the Land of the Nile and great host in the Royal Egyptian family ,In fact the Egyptian royal began to take a great publicity in international media ,Queen Farida appeared on the cover of The "Life " Magazine ,Farida and her sisters in Law were the main common thing in the french and italien magazines ,they were chic ,pretty and had this spirit of the orient in them , a mix between the Islamic Arabic culture and western culture ,News of Young Fawzia despite being like the Sultan Daughter who doesn't appeared so much yet the fame of her beauty began to spread especaily she reached the age of marriage at that time "16",the news of her beauty reached beyond the Egyptian and Arabian Borders ,it reached Persia or Iran excatly to the shah Reza the first ,the father of the young Shahbour"crown prince by persian' Mohamed Reza or Mohamed Reda

Here we 'll stop to take a very fast history lesson in Modern Iran "and if I am wrong about my information ,plz correct it to me ,I amnot Irani, I am Egyptian ,also if there is any persian or Irani here passed by plz read it to the End and tell me if I am right or wrong".For centuries ago Iran/Persia was ruled by a sunni royal family despite the majority as you know (I assume) are Shiia untill last century when an officer from the amry called Reza Pahlvai overthrow the last shah Ahmed from his throne.Reza the father and the Shah was married from 4 women each was from the main tribes in Iran"I didn't know that Iran had tribes" ,one of them was the mother of his son ,shabour ,crown Prince Mohamed Reza.As you see the Reza royal despite all the media of being persian ,old, great... blahblahblah was a short young Royal compared to the Mohamed Ali royal family "ruling Egypt since 1806" .I have pictures to the wives of the Shah and let me tell you ,they looked terrible

Ok the old shah wanted for his son to have a powerful alley in the Arab Islamic world and in the miiddle East especailly the old man didn't like the west and turned to be a Nazi supporter, he liked so much the Nazi style ,that he gave his orders that Military customs in Iran would be similar to those of the nazi ,not the last one to do so that why the old man eyes went to Cairo to search for a bride to be his daughter in Law "I don't the reason why he didn't choose a native girl from Iran to marry his son".The Young Spoil brut shahbour didn't say no as usual for 2 good reason ,first his weak personality ,second he was after all a man who liked the day of having a dazzling princess as his wife ,so why not give it a try even if she was a sunni Egyptian Princess

On the other side ,in The Land of Al-Azhar and nile ,King Farouk was trying to rewin the public again after the cold war between him and the political parties from a side and between him and the British from another side, he also wanted to be the most important character in the Mid East especailly the Saudis and Jordanians were still not so open to the world ,so what his advisors had an idea to win the public again he will use the old idea of Sultan Abd El-Hamid fo Turkey .the old idea is to make another Islamic Kingdom like the one that existed in the Past "beautiful idea but need a strong personality and mind that was neither exist in AbdEL-Hamid or Farouk" ,so Farouk had a beard in his fac ,attended friday prayers, found this proposal a great opportunity, it is from Iran ,the great Persian Empire ,The Shiia Castle, the union of Islamic word the greatest two islamic countries Egypt and Iran ,his sister will be the ever first Egyptian woman Shahbnou "Empress by the Persian" ,especailly he loved Fawzia so much

I talked too much now I gtg with a promise to complete the Story Prince of Persia 2 ,I love this game so much ,Playing already

Saturday, February 5, 2005

Super War Preview

Found this nice article through a link in My favorite , at last thank God some american said what I always want to say about Iran - American conflict and what will happen if the war happens between them both ,the persian Empire and American Empire
The Americans already are not having a real nice time in Iraq as G.W.Bush wished and try to convince the American people with ,today in the news ,an american solider was captured and from few days ago 31 marines were dead , not to mention the time they took to invade the tiny fallujah ,it seemed like a mission impossible ,this is only In Iraq ,already Iraqis are known to be bloody fighter "sorry for the expression" yet Iranis are more bloody fighters so what will the american army do with the Iranis and they already having a bad time in Iraq
As the article says ,Iranis have the fighting spirit and willingness to die for what you believe it is shiia belief itself ,also to all those people who have false hope that the conflict between The young generation and the older religious generation will destory the Islamic republic of Iran ,they 're dreaming just like Empress Farah and her son the uncrowned Shah ,The young and old in the end hate the U.S and won't forget Masdaq or the dictatorship of Shah
Read it ,it is long but it deserves the time