Friday, November 11, 2005

Mustafa El-Akad passed away

Just as I read in the news , the great director Mustafa El-Akad has passed away in Jordan after being injury
this is sad day in the Arabic cinema and also international cinema
please when you are watching the Message or the Lion of desert Omar El-Mokhater ,remember that the director was Arabic muslim Mustafa Akad of Alapo of Syria .
Whey you are watching any Halloween movie ,remember that the producer of this American horror series is an Arabic American man who believed in Arabism .
This man wanted so much in the last years of his life to produce a movie that shows the west the truth about Islam , it was going to be about the Crusaders and the true life of Salah El-Din yet both fate and circumstances
The man was killed from the Jordan blast which the so-called Al-Qaida made it ,this man was against the war in Iraq and supported the Palestinians
I don't know but may be if he wasn't killed ,He could have presented movies that would be more powerful then guns

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