Sunday, August 20, 2006

Israel killed the Godfather of Genetic engineering in Egypt in the Lebanese War

Since the last century Israel and its secret services had succeeded in murdering Egypt 's most successful and brilliant scientists from Dr. Mustafa Mosharafa to Dr. Samira Moussa to Dr. Said Badir to ..etc . Most of those doctors were specialized in dangerous and important fields of nuclear and biological fields
One man I believed they missed , lucky for Egypt ,I don't know if he were on their death list or not , but either ways they killed him accidentally with no intention , I believe his loss is a loss for Egypt and a victory for all its enemies
Israel killed accidentally Professor Ahmed Mostageer The Godfather of Genetic engineering in Egypt
From few days Dr. Mostageer and his Austrian wife were in his house at the Alps mountains in Austria where he was spending his vacation.The 59 years old professor who looked older than his true age was watching the news of war in Lebanon when he saw a footage of dead Lebanese kids who were in the war , the man couldn't stand the horrible scene , the last thing he said was

They are in the age of my grandchildren

He said that while he was crying , few seconds later his wife found him suffering from a severe brain stroke , she called for a medical help and medical helicopter came to transfer him to a hospital in Vienna , the doctors tried to save him but it was too late , the divine secret returned back to its maker
Dr. Mostageer came back to be buried in his homeland in Egypt yesterday
Not only a great science man but also a man who combined both Religion and Science , he stood against all the attempts of changing in human DNA to create the so-prefect human , also against human cloning
He was also a member at the Academy of the Arabic language, he loved Arabic so much and poetry
A graduate from the faculty of Agriculture which he became its dean from couple of years ago, this man made a great researches and improvements on crops in Egypt especially the Wheat , yet unfortunately all these researches are sealed somewhere
I am honored that my family knew him , my grandfather invited him to a dinner in late 1970s and my grandmother's impression about him that he was so genius , he also used to teach at the Faculty of Agriculture to my mom , she remembers him very well because he was kind enough to postpone her exam as she was severely sick to another day in the early 70s , before knowing my granddad , by the way the only subject my mom took an "A" /"Excellent" was his

May God bless his soul


  1. yeah, i've heard the news ydy, and felt shocked

    may ALLAH bless his soul

    اللهم ارحمه واغفر له

  2. Zeinobia,

    This is one more important lesson this Egyptian Professor gave us; do not stress yourself to the extend that you become non-functional or worse dead.

    I have a relative that was very upset her brother went to the hospital for a sugar-comma to the extend she got a stroke. Her brother is Ok now and came out of the hospital but she is still suffering from the stroke effects.

    We have to deal with the problems in our life and not to allow these problems to kill us.

  3. @Blue Amen

    You know this happens because we are emotional people , we think with our hearts more often and even before our minds , this is our problem
    I hope that your relative got better soon insh Allah


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