Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Turks hacked the future movement forum !!

 You got to be kidding me

Ok you hate Americans and Israel and also the Arabs but you love Lebanon !!

If those hackers love Lebanon why would they hack the site and forum??

Already I found out because I am member in the future movement forum ,yes I am ,,well not so active and also I am thinking of joining another forum like the free Lebanese current of Michael Own !!!

Anyway look to those cool hackers , they got a domain ended with .us , well .us is the cheapest as I know ,in fact when it was released at first it was free !! man they hate American

I like the slogan so much

One day the world would be Turks

man my great grand grand daddy would be very happy , he was a great Turk

Link to | HackeD || Itaat Edin || INT-KM TIM ||

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  1. wow that is soo nice..please can u link me up with a good hacker ?email me to


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