Monday, May 7, 2007

The new Mr. and Mrs. Mubarak

Meet the newest version or generation of Mr. and Mrs. Mubarak

It is official

Now to the Juicy parts about the wedding and the honeymoon of the prince of Egypt

  • The Wedding party was held in the four season "I expected this ,it is more luxurious than Movenpick where the president usually stays"
  • The party was organized by a British wedding planning company !!
  • The mobile phones were banned , guests to give them to security in the entrance
  • Vanessa Williams sang in the wedding a whole hour before Amr Diab "I love her in Ugly Betty but is she now a wedding singer!?"
  • The president is said to be very happy "come on it is his son and his daughter in law is pretty why he shouldn't be happy after all he is a human being people "
  • The invitations were written down in Arabic and English
  • The wedding dress which was designed by Elie Saab is said to be for 27,000 $ !!!
  • The wedding ring which Gamal bought to his wife from Paris too is said to be equal to 9,000$ "Oh boy it is less than the dress !!"
  • Sushi was presented in the wedding !! "Ok this is not an Egyptian at all and why I have the feeling that some guests will see it strange including Mubarak SR !! Sushi !!"
  • The prince of Egypt in a television interview on Orbit network "not the Egyptian national TV" refused to say where he was going in honey moon but it turned or it is said they are going to Paris "Paris is great , but shouldn't they have gone to somewhere coastal , may be it is a move to convince people they went to Paris while they took in Charles De Gaulle a flight to some tropical island in the pacific ,ok I imagine alot !!"
  • They are going to stay 10 days only in the honeymoon !!! "It seems that he is a very busy man , oh boy 10 days!!

I don't know why I feel sad for this gal seriously now she is in the black list of the Egyptian people with all the bad press you can imagine ,I feel sad for her

N.B what is the wrong with her lips ?? she is still young to use this stuff plus her mother in law doesn't believe in beauty but in mind !!


  1. I share ur sympathy to the girl. Many say that she must be happy to marry such a powerful man (even if he was disliked by the majority of Egyptians), but I can not imagine how she will lead her life! How will she go out with her friends? The little normal stuff people do...

  2. i know several people who know her and/or have interacted with her on the social level... all say that she is a very nice & sweet person...too bad that no one will know or will give her a chance as anything she will do will be criticized.

    but i see no advantage of marrying such a powerful man, i mean the happiness will be unreal & for the wrong reasons & the happiness won't last that long...oh well, people get married for all sorts of reasons, & at the end of the day eli yakol 3ala derso yenfa3 nasfo.


  3. @nousha,the bad thing is that she is still very young to be trapped like this , abroad those people at least enjoy their life somehow but now she is surrounded with guards everywhere and hypocrites who lie to her only because her husband and above all a hate from the people

    @Ditto, my relative was in the same class with her in the AUC the four years and she told us that the girl is so nice and sweet ,like you said now no one will believe this she is married to the villian
    and as yes I see no advantage on the contrary , but do you think that she had a choice to say no


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