Thursday, June 14, 2007

Empty Space

From few days ago I found a strange news that makes anyone wonder whether to laugh or to cry , the sort of news that confirms the fact that Al-Mutanabbi was a man of wisdom not only a man of poetry when he had described Egypt as the land that has a many things that cause the one to laugh ,a laugh that is more like a cry.

The merry news for the people of the valley of the Nile was that the President is going to open the first Egyptian Space center in the next couple of days !!

A space center ,for astronomy and space research !!

on TV the national one of course they kept repeating over and over that at last we joined the space club ,horrray people of the valley of the Nile

Cheer up Egypt

You are going to be a member in the Space Club

Ok enough being sarcastic and let's be analytical

Do we really need a space center in Egypt ??

How much does this space center cost ??

Did all our troubles and problems , deadly problems finish in Egypt so we can have a space center ??

I am sorry but having a space center I guess is kind of luxury a third world country should n't have

we have all kinds of problems , all kinds of problems that need every  penny the Egyptian government owns , so why spending our money in useless projects, I am sorry but the man reached to the moon already and we won't discover a new planet or something so what is the need ??

Damn it and they beg us to donate for the Children cancer hospital , if we are so rich to have a space center why they don't build the hospital themselves !!

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