Thursday, June 14, 2007

Good slap for the member of human rights council

Wow this is a big slap for the new elected member of human rights council in the united Nations aka Egypt

The American congress decided to decrease the amount of aid that America gives to Egypt by 200 million American dollar as an objection of the Egyptian regime acts towards the human rights in Egypt

Oh boy , I imagine the national newspapers will say that it is a Zionist attempt to blackmail us and they did this because Michael Mounir spoke in front of some committee about the so-called Oppression and the annual department state report contains paragraphs about Baha'is' and homosexuals and ...

First of all as an Egyptian citizen , I confirm to you that we don't this aid at all , at least now ,already most of it was stolen

Second of all also an Egyptian citizen I confirm to you that I refuse to be blackmailed because of Michael Mounir or the Baha'is' with all my respect to them or the homosexuals

Third and the most important thing as an Egyptian citizen I confirm to you that the last three years are the worst in the human rights issues ,it is more than the minorities reports dear sir , already the majority of the Egyptian people are suffering more and more

I don't need to speak about the torture in police stations , I don't need to speak about the inhuman treatment of political prisoners who shouldn't be in prison in the first place , I don't need to speak about the cheating in elections or the other minorities that have no Michael Mounir in D.C like the Bedouins or the Nubians

With my all respect the file of the human rights in Egypt is above the religious minorities and the homosexuals simply because the majority itself is suffering a lot 

It is not about some blogger who is jail and found some support abroad ,it is about some simple citizen who is earning his living hardly found himself treated inhumanly in some police station 

People let's talk serious here , ok when the American aid is mentioned in the media the nationalism accent is immediately used , ok if our regime is so nationalist and doesn't accept charity why the regime kisses the American administration ass !!

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