Egyptian Chronicles: Palestine ­ The Facts On The Ground

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Palestine ­ The Facts On The Ground

This is highly recommend to be read

 I love the fact about the past of the leaders and those who made the state of Israel like Ben Grunion

Palestine ­ The Facts On The Ground

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  2. Zeinobia, I think that the article explains the Arab viewpoint very well.

    Besides that, it highlighted one very important Arab misunderstanding of the situation. The author writes: "The specific excuse for that position is that Hamas refuses to recognize Israel and stop fighting back."

    The fact that Hamas doesn't recognize Israel is not an excuse for Israel's refusal to deal with it. It is the core reason. The Arab world has not realized that the Israeli public is paranoid about the existence of Israel. I'm not kidding.

    I know that Hamas leaders are not aware of this. A few months ago, I had spoken with a Palestinian from Gaza (a professor, BTW). He told me that while visiting the home of a Hamas minister, he asked him about recognition of Israel. The minister's response was: "why should we recognize Israel? Fatah recognized Israel, and they got nothing in return". My answer to that Palestinian was: before Fatah recognized Israel, the vast majority of Israelis opposed the formation of a Palestinian state. Now, a few years after Fatah recognized Israel, over 70% of Israelis are willing to accept the formation of a Palestinian state. The Palestinian professor I spoke with was astounded. He had not known anything about this change of mind in the Israeli public.

    A Hamas recognition of Israel would cause a tremendous change of heart for Israelis. It will not be immediate (and of course, many Israelis will remain skeptic of the sincerity of such an act), but this is the key to ending the occupation.

  3. @mike well thanks for giving me the opportunity ,insh Allah I will

    @pbh , very interesting article , it reminded me about the billions and what they did in Kuwait

    @Israeli blogger, I understand your point and I respect it , believe me If I told I think that every time Hamas becomes soft and in the way to recognize Israel ,the IDF comes and blows one of their leaders ,I don't need to swear but I remember that before the assissnation of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin ,the godfather of the movement I read for him an interview saying that Peace can be achieved , Israel can be recognized and Two states solutions accepted , what happened after this interview was that the man was blown off his chair
    I understand the Israeli people concern but I don't understand the Israeli governments ,do they want Peace , Peace can't be achieved from one side only
    In fact now I think Israel is in danger more than ever with this two states sorry three states solution and Barack's new crusade

  4. @Israeli blogger How would an some unarmed canned massacred people like pALESTINIANS POSE A THREAT TO NATION BACKED BY THE ENTIRE WEST AND ARMED WITH 300 Nuclera bombs,Nuclear submarines, biological weapons and overses Nuclear missiles.

    As far as I know, Israelies are not stupid people, so are they kidding themselves or what?

  5. @Amre El-Abyad: I suspect you give us Israelis too much credit. Our emotions often overcome our intelligence. We may be capable of great achievements, but we become overly defensive when encountering threats to our existence - be they realistic or imaginary.

    We Israelis are a wounded people. The memory of the Holocaust is burnt very deeply into our culture. Every Israeli child is taught that our entire race was almost completely destroyed quite recently, and that it is our duty not to ever let this happen again. This creates very strong emotional reactions - even to verbal attacks.

    So are we stupid, or kidding ourselves? No - we're simply paranoid.

    I think it is crucial that the Arab world understand this point, because you have the power to change our behavior. You simply have to understand us better in order to do that.

  6. One more thing, Amre. After posting my last comment, I read some of your posts in other discussions. I got the impression that you hate Jews (for example, you said something like "we Egyptians expelled the Jews and nothing will make us take them back"). This prejudice that you display is exactly what strengthens the Israeli fear and fuels Israeli violence. I was very sorry to read these words of yours.

  7. @Israeli blogger , I understand your concern , but if there are people like Amr in Egypt and the Arab world , don't forget in Israel there are the same people who wants to get from evil Arabs and have the temple back
    @anonymous can you please give me a break from your comments,we got your point and Amr got it too

  8. عمرو خرا, أنا هأفتق طيظ أمك دق يا أبن ميتين الكلب يا متناك

  9. @IsraeliBlogger...You made a very good point about the Jewish/Israeli mind state and how they are taught from a young age about the horrows that Jewsish people faced throughout history. Im Palestinian and I can see exactly why and how this has effected Israels military actons and treatment towards us. It is out of being paranoid and worried. I think that Israelis and Palestinians are have a lot in common but they just dont realise it. In many Palestinian schools children are taught to be scared of Israelis and Jews in the same way. This definately needs to stop on both sides. Children are the future and must not be corrupted. There needs to be much more opportunities for normal Palestinian and Israeli people to mix with one another not be segregated. I know this may sound far fetched but it is the only way forward and think of what a great country it would be if all the people could mix and be free. This is something that both the Palestinian Authority and Israeli government need to encourage. It can only help get rid of fundamentalism and it would make peoples lives a lot better. Normal people on both 'sides' shouldnt have to suffere any more as a result of bad leadership. Its time that Palestinians and Israelis demanding this from the leaders and not settle for anything less. Peace


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