Egyptian Chronicles: baby human frog in Luxor

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

baby human frog in Luxor

This is the kind of light strange news that should be on front page of Al-Akhabr not like the kind of news {"Shereen Ay leil" got married} , it is very bizarre , when you read it and see the picture included in the report you will say "Oh God" and if you are a Muslim like me you  will say "Sobhan Allah"

A woman yesterday in Luxor gave birth to a baby human frog in the Luxor general hospital , yes a baby human frog , human on the shape of a frog I know it sounds strange and many will disbelieve the news but wait it is not like the hoax of the Iranian woman who swam in a lake and tadpole entered her body , no it is real and you can check the amazing photo

You can see the photo here

Strange ,is not it ??

The baby was born without brain , without reproduction organs ,without a neck

The baby lived only for two hours and died

Of course the doctors checked the medical history of the mother who did not take any medication during the pregnancy yet it turned out that she and her husband are relatives , of course the relatives marriage may cause babies deformation but not to that degree

The doctors now are searching for the reason of that unique case ,I do not know if they will be able to find it or not

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  1. A genetic mutation that is all

  2. You are speaking as if we were watching a X-men movie , I know it is the scientatic explanation still it is a strange thing you do not see every day

  3. Salamu allaikum,
    I just wanted to provide some information concerning this topic. First of all this is of course a very exceptional event and can cause a lot of fear, but in respect for the people involved especially the parents, it needs a lot of sensitiveness. For example it doesn't need to be named a "human frog baby" as this can provide a lot of irritation, even though some old medical literature draw this comparison. What you see is the result of a defect during the early weeks of pregnancy in the devolopment of the brain. It is called "Anencaphaly". It is a very serious neurological defect, so that the children don't survive longer than some hours or days. Due to the missing brain regions and skull parts, the head gets this characteristic form. The reasons why it happens are until today not clear, but the parents cannot be blamed, for example because of the relative marriage, as it can happen to any one. The risk that it happens to the same parents again is very very low, so they can have a healthy child after that. Folic acid is known as a helpful genereal prevention for any neurological defect during pregnancy. Following, a link with a lot more information:
    "[...]For to Allah belongeth the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and all that is between. He createth what He pleaseth. For Allah hath power over all things." 5:17

    1. hi what is your second name because I might be your relative!!!!! and that is a good text

  4. Wa Allaikum El-Salam , thanks MIna for the scientific explanation ,it is very valuable
    by the way I did not call human frog baby by myself , it is the doctors and press in Egypt call it like that

  5. This is very sad...and one of the reasons why i'm afraid of pregnancy.... i'll be sure to take lots of folic acid when i'm expecting.

  6. a frog human ? , whatever i think its pretty sad that someone would even think of calling the HUMAN baby that! it is clear that because of the partners being related there has been a mutation . Which does happen when you interbreed ie. Pedigree cats and dogs have weaker immune systems , i thinks its very silly and a bit eccentric to say that a tadpole entered a woman’s body and joined with a human egg ? a tadpole has no useful sexual organs at all until it becomes a frog!

  7. I feel that no matter what god has taken his child home. my heart go out to his family. god speed.

  8. Mina is correct, this is called Anencaphaly and happens to 1 in 10,000 births. Most die due to miscarriage, I'm surprised Egypt isn't more up to date on birth defects. I would hope they corrected their error as any person can do a simple google search and find the proper name and cause. Anonymous two posts up, nothing is clear unless you research, this is not known to be caused by blood relatives reproducing.

  9. These types of genetic abnormalities are extremely rare. One thing to consider for anyone of faith is that, despite their possible unfitness for normal human interaction they still are quite precious to God.

  10. The first thing I thought when I saw this photo was,"I hope it has loving parents who will cherish it however long it lives."I am glad glad to hear that it is up with God now because we live in a world where people would call a miracle FROG BABY.

  11. I hope that noone will have to experience a tragedy like that ever again

  12. Your story is shit... This isn't a human frog. This child is a anencephale human. This means it has no brain. This happens when the brain is exposed to de water in the mothers body which destroys it. These children just lives for a few hours because the brain is missing and just the pons works. I don't like when people are talking such a shit about things they really don't know about

  13. Perhaps if relatives wouldn't get marries we could avoid any more freak babies.

  14. It is so sad to see a baby like this, I hope the family was praising every second the baby lived...I hope there is some kind of future medical study to help prevent another case like this...I am glad that the baby is with God now!

  15. Where's the depleted uranium commenter when you need her?

  16. This would be very believable had I not studied genetics.

    actually even if I hadn't, I still wouldn't believe that a tadpole which is already a species (and not a sperm) come together from a male and a female can enter an Iranian woman's uterus and become a Human/Frog!

    This picture is of a human baby which didn't develop normally, I've seen dozens of babies in jars who look identical to this one.

  17. Not sure if it has been said already or not. Chances are the mother was deficient in Folic Acid which plays a big part in brain and eye development. Even if she started taking vities after finding out she was pregnant it would have been too late as it is key to have folic acid in the first two weeks of development. And by the time most preg tests show a postive the fetus is already two weeks old {4 weeks by FLP}. It happens. It isn't really bad genetics folks. It is hardly unique! Egypt needs to play catch up...

  18. The whole story looks pretty much like a hoax

    It's pretty amazing what you can do nowadays with photoshop

  19. Did this thing really say the mother got pregnant from a tadpole? WTF? That's not even true.

  20. When the US passed NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) a bunch of chemical companies moved from the US to Mexico but stayed near the Rio Grande River. They moved so they could pay cheap wages and also they didn't have to worry about Toxic metals and battery acid cleanup. They just dumped their garbage in the river. It didn't take long before there were a rash of babies born with anencephaly, without all of part their their brain just like what you described.

    Anyway it was caused by severe pollution, and one of the ways to try to bring down the rates- besides clean up and avoiding the drinking the water, pregnant mothers needed to take folic acid(vitamin b) supplements, also mothers can get ultrasounds to check for brain development, so they don't have to carry it full term if it's going to be brainless.

    Unlike what the AnonymousNov poster above said, (I hate that kind of attitude) normally in a clean earth we should have to take supplements, it's not Egyptians being behind. It's probably her countries crap they left behind.

    (Iguana Mom)


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