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Egyptian X-files:A death message to all those who may concern “The Boxer and the miracle child”

Ali Shafik and Ashraf Marwan were in the opposite camps during the Nasserite era, Shafik was in Amar camp where as Marwan was in Nasser camp who won with a high price after 1967

Ali Shafik was the head manager of the office of the vice president and high commander of Egyptian arm forces Abd El-Hakim Amar

Ashraf Marwan was working in the secretary office of both Presidents Nasser and Sadaat before heading the AOM, not to mention being the son in law of President Nasser

Ali Shafik with his controversial life went to live in UK along with his wife singer Maha Sabry after the death of President Nasser, during this time Shafik who was working as an arm dealer during the cold war in a very critical time, in fact it was in the year 1977 Shafik became an icon in the arms dealing trade of course the cover was the commerce and trade as all the other arms dealers in other more recent vocabulary he was a business man just like Marwan.

Ashraf Marwan left with his wife Egypt in the end of the 1970s and early 1980s for no good known reason to UK to start his empire who no one knows from where he got its money publicly, of course it was from the private arm deals Egyptian Press and journalists like late Famous Mustafa Amin spoke about that let him earn the title of “The Miracle child” for having suddenly 400 Million dollar!! There in London it was known for Egyptian and Arabic community that Marwan is an arm dealer, something that was confirmed more and more with the Iran Contra affair in 1980s

Ali Shafik was found killed in his rented apartment in 133 Harley Street “the medic doctors street” at London on Tuesday the 5th of July 1977; the Marylebone police station received a phone call from the Ali Shafek house keeper who opened the door of the house after the weekend to find the terrible smell of the decayed apartment owner’s body lying in a pond of blood

Ali Shafik was found dead, killed, he was dressed in full suite, the apartment was so messy, there was a struggle for sure after all Shafik was a strong man not a weak one

According to the forensic report he was killed by a very heavy blow on the head with a very heavy instrument that did not cause only bleeding but brain damage still it was not enough to the murderer or murders as Shafik was stabbed more than 20 stubs in his body!! I do not know if they wanted to make sure that he was dead or what because the blow on the head made the required job; I forget to mention that the police found part of the brain beside the body on the ceramic floor, in other words the heavy blow or blows opened his skull in a scene that reminds but the powers of Hattori Hanzo’s swords effect!!

Strangely it turned out that he was killed from 10 days ago at night and strangely also there were couple of loud parties in the same buildings that made it so hard to hear the screams of that heavy man during the attack, the coincidence law again, no one saw anything, no one heard anything.

It was obvious that the victim Shafik knew the murderer or murderers at least two as the police estimated as they found the victim’s finger prints on the door, not to mention that there no sign of violent entry , the victim knew his last guests and he let them in with a good faith ,there was some meeting between him and those guests who turned in murderers as he was wearing his full suite, yet the meeting did not go as it was supposed to be or at least as Shafik thought ,at some point there was a fight a nasty one and it seems that Shafik did not give up his life easily ,after all Shafik was the heavy weight boxing champ of Class 1948 in the Egyptian War school ” the same class of Shames Badran whom Nasser ordered their arrest all of them after the defeat of 1967 and Amar failed coup in the same year” another blood type was found in the crime scene which means one of the attackers was injured in the fight ,I imagine that in the fight someone in front of Shafik taking and giving kicks to the man where as someone was behind him holding something heavy in to the his head to make him rest forever

No match for the finger prints found in the scene was found, in fact they were few and the crime weapons “The heavy thing and the knife” were never found either

The death circumstances were not the only thing strange in the case, because there was something even stranger as Scotland Yard found a suite case in the hand of the corpse, inside the Suite Case there was a money sum which was equal to One Million Sterling pound!!

No one touched them, it was still in the hands of Shafik, and it did not make sense because the sum of the money is huge whether then or even now, why on earth the murderer or murderers did not take this suite case with them?? Why did they leave it in the hand of the victim??Well it is not for money or theft crime then!!

It seems to me that they did not kill him for money, it can be either for personal issues “the stubbing over and over” or for business issues and the Business issues would win over the Personal issues, I mean his kids and wife would not come and kill him after all these years for leaving them to marry some second degree singer that ended her life singing in London’s Arab’s nightclubs and more important the man was not working a grocer in London but he had his famous activity as an arms dealer

It was said this operation was an internal fight in one of the arms dealing networks

It was also said that those who killed him and left the money sent it as a decoded message for those who may concern; there are red lines should not be crossed to get more money

The victim was said earlier that he had made a deal with one of the Lebanese groups secretly or at least that what he had thought as the deal news found its way to his bosses and partners

It is a serious business world that lives and profits from death after all

Till now Scotland Yard found nothing about the case, a dead end that made close the case considering it some sort of an X-file till now and this was in 1977

Strangely and strictly after 30 years with short differences in days and marwan streets Ashraf Marwan , was found thrown from his balcony in his fancy apartment in London , at first the police thought he committed suicide than now they are speaking about criminal intent

Strangely his house keeper who was in the kitchen did not hear or see anything unusual, in fact she did not know that her boss was out of the apartment and out of the world forever except after one hour!!

Marwan as an arm dealer seemed more professional and successful than Shafik, of course due to his contacts and his cleverness that he made an empire, huge economic empire, I mean I read that his elder son Ahmed “alleged former junkie” had lost 150 Million dollars in stock market only and that did not affect on the rest of the empire

Marwan did not leave the arm dealing business I believe even if he quitted it, because simply like any illegal dangerous business you earn competitors who are more like enemies who wish to see dead, you play with dangerous regimes and countries that do not respect any laws or rights, you play with monsters whose money and power are the main pillars of their world

Strangely Marwan's death came at the same time when British began to speak about the Egyptian arms dealers involved in El-Yammah "BAE" scandal which I will talk about it later

For what you consider a tiny mistake, you can lose your life, you do not have friends or allies in that world, in second they can turn against you, countries can come after you, whether countries you provide with arms or countries that you provide arms to its enemies

May be Marwan was killed because some old revenge between him and some competitors or some regimes

May be he made some silly mistake like Shafik



  1. If a person plays with fire they will get burns and thats what happened simple, business deals had gone sour.

    It had nothing to do with the BA systems issue, that issue has been far too in the public domain to be linked with these shady characters

    When all said and done does it matter, these people live in a different world to us they dine with presidents.

    A X

  2. Did you read the list of the Saudis involved in the Scandal ?? they are all his best friends and partners
    look he may not be involved in the scandal from near or far but all what I wanted to say is that being a double agent form 30 years is not the only thing that can kill him
    the media is focusing only on this issue forgetting all other possibilites


  4. @angry anonymous , was late Ali Shafik your uncle ??
    If you believe what is mentioned here is totally false ,why do not you tell us the truth ??
    My dear what was reported here ,was reported in all Egyptian and Arabic newspapers, it is better to sue them all before suing me

  5. I must first begin with saying that much of what is written here about Ali is incorrect but some things such as his military/political background was reported correctly. The reason the anonymous person before me is mad because much of this article is speculation and in proper and responsible journalism you should look more to the facts and not spend much of the article putting out potentially false and hurtful claims about this good man who came from a good family. He is my uncle as well and I feel that you portrayed him incorrectly and the fact of the matter is NOBODY knows what happened that tragic day, not even my family knows what happened and we are his closest relatives outside of his children. I DO appreciate you bringing this article into the light and sharing some of your insight and opinions because it is such a MYSTERY and reports like this could maybe one day help bring these murderers to justice, but you have to understand why the family member who commented before me as well as other family members could be angered and disappointed with many of the things that have written here about him


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