Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Egyptian X-Files:A new legal job

As far as I know there are certain jobs in Egypt till now you can not write in your id in the profession form, from these jobs is the Arms dealer

Since I don’t know when the Arm dealer was unpopular personality in the Egyptian society and here I am specific about the Egyptian Society, it was illegal profession and here I am not speaking about the weapons shop like Fatah Allah and Sons down town, I am speaking about men like late Ashraf Marwan and Sherif El-Falali

Strangely no one in the official newspaper spoke about the profession, the real profession of Ashraf Marwan; they did not speak from where he got these millions which became billions afterwards, not that only, now they are forgetting that he used to be an arm dealer with one hell of a history from profiting from other’s death like in the case of Iran-Iraq war, it is enough that his name was mentioned in the Iran Contra affair along with Adnan Khashoggi whom years later  turned out to be also a pimp too for the Saudi Royalties

The President said couple of words in his favor, saying that he was a patriot man and did great things to the country, and since then the media is turning the man whom from 30 years they called him the miracle child for his private dirty deals in the AOM in to a hero no one should speak about him

I don’t deny his role in the arm deals in the 1973 war but with my all respect it was not something that he granted Egypt with, it was his duty, it was any Egyptian duty to do the same thing, still the patriot man seemed to gain so much for his position and his connections in the arms world to start his own business, death business

Anyhow strangely now in the time where morals are changed dramatically in Egypt people began to accept the forbidden profession of death, I don’t know but I feel that some people began to think that this is the profession of the high class men!!

The parents of Sherif El-Falali, the late spy were defending their son saying that he was only an arm dealer got trapped in some sort of an arm deal for Arab country “X”, they thought that the arm dealer is no shame, well of course it is not shameful as being a spy but still disrespectful profession, his parents forgot all the hazards and morals concerns about this profession wondering the guilt he made, after all you do not write Mr. John Smith; an arm dealer in id card

May be it is a new fashion, May be morals really have changed

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