Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mansour Hassan interview with Mona Shazely

Here is the complete interview of former Minister of State's affairs for information and Culture during the Sadaat Era minister Mansour Hassan with Mona El-Shazely on Dream TV2 10 PM's show last Tuesday

A great interview unfortunately it is in Arabic an also long , in fact it Faces from Egypt , former minister of states' affair for culture and information Mansour Hassan in an interview with Mona El-Shazely at Dream TV 2 was one of the longest interview El-Shazely , already she had too , the Character of the former minister is so rich , seriously why My late grand father respected this man so much and admired him ,it is sad to know that the man was replaced in the Mubarak era "he already resigned after the September 1981 arrests" by man who used to work as a pimp in the dark era of Salah Nasser :(

The man spoke wonderfully about the past ,about the present which clearly he does not like despite the fact that his son in law is currently the minister of transportation and about the future which he clearly fears , already he is not alone

I know it is annonying , but the videos are automated they began to play as soon as they are loaded , I am sorry but I could not find them on Youtube :(


  1. Very intriguing interview. Interesting, educated, knowledgeable man who has his hand on the pulse of what is going on in the streets, minds and hearts of everyday egyptians. He's also handsome for an elder gentleman and could give Dr. Nazif a run for his money in the looks department. Nazif is attractive for an elder gentleman.

    I agree with his comments on how there is a general malaise and passivity and willingness to accept the current state of affairs by many Egyptians but I also think that many are beginning to reach a point and state of no return. Hence all of the protests.

    He has a keen sharp intelligence. My elder aunt went to Victoria college and it was interesting to hear him speak of it.

    I can't help but notice that many of the most powerful and successful Egyptians are either fellaheen or sa3aydah. Why do you think that is?

    FYI darling you may have to archive this cuz it keeps loading and loading every time your blog comes up. Kind of annoying for sure.

  2. @anonymous,the point of no return is so close more than ,just watch 10 PM or Cairo today protests even they are still small are every where

    and yes I noticed the same thing , may be because they are not pampered like the sons of Cairo , seriously you right , if you notice all the presidents are either from upper EGypt or from Monfiya , delta gave birth to a huge number of successful scientists,business men and politicans , Upper Egypt gave birth many strong military men
    I guess they are more smart and willing to prove themselves because they do not have our luxurious life of the capital

    sorry about the video is very annonying ,it can't be hided easily like in wordpress using the read more feature which I wish that Blogger people become more smart and add it ,it will make my life better for sure

  3. اين ذهب لقاء منصور حسن

  4. Hi - again, great website and was wondering if you still had access to videos of the interview? Figured they had increased importance given his recent appointment as secretary general of the Advisory Council... ( and trying to compile information on each of the members as much as possible (trying to do that for any public official going forward as I tried for Ganzoury cabinet in earlier post..

    Again, thanks for a great website, have been following you for years!


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