Friday, December 14, 2007

We got it too !!

 China's deadly trade - In Depth -

As you see this Australian newspaper is speaking about the China's deadly trade , the blood trade , as if it is exclusive only in China , well I hate to disappoint you people and tell you that We got our own deadly Blood organized trade , very organized trade also in Egypt

Yes the ministry of health is fighting it but in vain , Private hospitals ,some private hospitals now prefer instead of buying blood from the official blood banks to buy banks from poor people through out Egypt by cheap prices , despite the hazards

Since 1980s this trade has been existed and unfortunately it does not stop at the poor people but recently in 2007 during the infamous case of homeless children,reports found out that in Alexandria a weekly systemic operation where doctors come and take blood from those children for even lesser , of course it is lesser, with all those health hazards !!

Still the blood trade is still the top of the ice berg it is nothing compared to the growing illegal and unethical organs trade which is flourishing more and more especially in developing countries like in Egypt

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