Egyptian Chronicles: And why he did not listen to this report ??

Friday, January 11, 2008

And why he did not listen to this report ??

I tried to be very neutral when I cover the H5N1 from the official and unofficial media , despite anyone who visits the blog regularly knows that I can be classified as a critic opponent for the regime and its different cabinets especially the current business men and relatives cabinet

Till now the official media from newspapers and TV do not cover the return and spread of H5N1 as they should be , well as usual they are taking the bright side and leaving the dark realistic side of the crisis , defending the cabinet as usual and its irrational , irresponsible decisions regarding the safety of our citizens for example today at last Al-Ahram and El-Akhabr , the biggest two daily newspapers began to publish extensively about H5N1 ,yet their coverage was all about defending the health and agriculture ministries decisions to continue depending on Tamiflu and weak chicken vaccines , they considered the only problem is the domestic chicken and left other parts in the problems including the pigs farms , including the poultry farms and most important thing they considered it as chicken problem not a poultry problem ,other kinds of poultry can be infected with it like Geese and ducks.

Every day now across the country we found of possible human H5N1 cases detained , across the country , from all over the delta which is logic because according to the map the virus is centralized there , already I stopped counting for couple of days because in night and day I found out that here and there citizens are transferred to the hospitals and the media does not give a damn ,taking words from the officials' mouths ,everything is fine ,everything is under control

The outbreak began to spread especially in Upper Egypt after Bani Sawif , we got Qena and Assuit and I am concerned by Assuit because not only it contains poultry but there are many Pigs Farms there .

Already the cabinet is not acting as it should despite their meetings last week and I am not surprised despite the precautions they are taking .

In Giza the selling and transfer of living poultry is banned so is in Cairo , it is not a bad decision , it is good despite its economic impact by the way especially Cairo and Giza are so close from Qalyubia ,the three Governates form together the Great Cairo region

And now to the headline of the post

On Friday Daily independent Dostor published that in last March 2007 Prime minister "Ahmed Nazif" received a copy from the Medical delegation of the European commission report about the H5N1 in Egypt and the report was considered a warning on which the Egyptian government should have acted accordingly but instead he just ignored it. The report included points the government did not announced publicly ,these points were like :

  • The virus will continue to remain in Egypt for the next 25 years if the Egyptian government did not change its policies !!
  • The virus may transfer to fish if the people do not stop throwing the dead infected chicken in to the Nile and by its turn the fisher men can be infected ,another new segment of the society will be infected , not to mention it will be hard to control fish
  • The Egyptian government was criticized for handling the crisis in this stupid careless way and the fact that they do not provide enough protection for the vets who inspect the Poultry farms whether from the injections or from the required safety cloth and as they can be carriers for the virus

Now this report was handled to the Prime minister in March 2007 and now we are in January 2008 , is not that considered a misconduct from the Government side ??!!

In respectable civilized democratic society the prime minister should be asked about this report in front of the assembly.

our local experts and scientists over and over told the government how to combat the virus and they do not want to listen.

And our foreign experts and scientists over and over told the government how to combat the virus and here it is , not listening to them either !!

Already there are many questions in the assembly regarding the new outbreak to the prime minister , to the health minister and to the agriculture minister but in the end they go and give fancy reports which the majority of their party like to hear in the assembly.

Here I would like to salute the PM from Alexandria , I forgot his name but he is from MB and he wondered in the Parliament why the government does nothing regarding the pigs farms in Egypt despite the WHO warnings and all the effort is concentrating on the poultry farms , some will say he is a MB and they are conservative Muslims and they do not like Pigs and I will tell you that sorry but the report which warns us from the Pigs came from outside and I do not give a damn whether he is MB or communist or even NDP , the pigs farms are time bombs.

The problem with the pigs farms is that the government and the ministry of Agriculture and animal wealth do not even work on their vaccination at  all !! There is no medical or health measure imposed on these farms if we can call them farms , they are more like garbage dumps !!!

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  1. N. American Princess1/15/2008 02:55:00 AM

    Which virus in pigs has been found in Egypt..PRRS, Nipah virus or blue ear pig disease.

    I heard a report on the radio last year regarding how the country with the largest pig population was China. Big surprise..their food is almost all full of pork..disgusting...and they eat almost every part of an animal..the ultimate recyclers...even more gross...

    The radio report stated that they cause a huge amount of pollution and environmental damage. Why doesn't Egypt just ban pig farms altogether and just have hotels import premade pork products like ham and bacon for their foreign customers. Better yet, just don't sell them. The tourists can do without eating pork for the week or 2 the spend in Egypt...make it part of going native and spending time in Egypt.

  2. @n.american princess , there is no pig virus in Egypt yet but the WHO warned that the Pigs can be medium in transferring the H5N1 to humans from birds , already the pigs respiratory system is so close to the humans , and in Egypt poultry and pigs are raised in the same place
    already in Egypt pigs are not used for food ,even hotels are banned to include ham in its menu , we got only the beef beacon ,which is by the way more healthier , less fat
    only few christian outlets are selling ham for the christians
    a big surprise and this already I was going to publish a post about it turned out there is a general ban on pigs farm since 2006 according to the order of the prime minister and till it is not implemented !!


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