Sunday, January 27, 2008

Commarde George Habash has left the building

Commarde George Habash has died last night in a very interesting 79279013 timing , seriously with what is going in Gaza and Palestine ,the man died in a very special timing. He died yesterday in Amman,Jordan and his funeral will be the day after tomorrow

Habash is very well known personality for those who are familiar with the history of Palestine and the Palestinian movements especially in 1970s . He founded the Popular front for the liberation of Palestine before Hamas , this front was considered the second largest group after the PLO.

The Popular Front is Nasserist leftist communist group and it is too obvious to 51398007 know that , already till now its members are calling each other Commardes , they are from the few remaining influential leftist movements in the region.

I once read that they had their connects with the KGB ,of course it is logic , already I read also once that the KGB penetrated many leftist communist groups in the region whether from funding to arms and so on.

The Popular front for the liberation of Palestine was proudly categorized in the west as a terrorist group even before Hamas and the Islamic Jihad came to life . In fact in my opinion this group was and is still much dangerous than the Hamas ,check their history and you will know that these guys were so dangerous . After all they were famous for taking hostages , hijacking and blowing airplanes in the 1970s and 1980s , to tell you the truth I disapprove their ways in hijacking and blowing the airplanes , despite that some will argue that this way was the only way to make the world pay attention to the Palestinian cause , well from another angel the PLO and the Popular front gave the Israelis a big favour as the western media till now is portraying the Palestinians as bad crazy terrorists sorry not only the Palestinians but also the Arabs , before the so-called Islamic terrorism ,it was the so-called Arabic Palestinian terrorism

Israel is really happy by the decrease of influence of that group , it is not the time of the left anymore but it is the time of right , another new militant groups are there and they are not less dangerous.

The front till now refuses any negotiation with Israel .

Here are some photos from the life and death of Dr. Habash , yes he was a doctor

The Palestinian people are very sad for his death and they have to be sad the man is an icon for them regardless of what the west or the Israelis or anyone think about him .

For me the man is controversial icon , I agree on the cause but I disagree on the means and also the ideology


Just check the title The Time magazine and Scott Macleod used for a report about Habash " Terrorism's Christian Godfahter " !!??"

What brought religion to the equation ?? with my all respect I understand what Macleod wants to say that terrorism against the Israeli people has no specific religion identity and that the Muslim Arabs are not the only people who do terrorist acts against the world the Christian Arabs have their share . But truth is truth the PFLP is not a Christian group ,it is leftist communist group with no religion or theological ideology !!!


    Palestinian Communist Christian Dymagogue Bloody Pathetic Defeated Terrorist........Fuck you, dead as alife

  2. Hayda wahad kalb, a terrorist who should be rotting in hell... good riddence

  3. @loudlaughter , first watch out your language here ,second I think many people share you the same view

    @battal agha ,samething like loudlaughter

  4. Butcher, Assassin, Coatic, Warloard, to Hell with a spit

    another fossil of the 60th mania is gone, they shold burn his body in public place

    you drag your self low by givin an attention to such a creature Zeinobia

  5. @angry reader , whether we like the guy or not , approve on what he did or not he still considered an important part from our Arab history that can't be ignored , on the contrary this part must be discussed so we learn our mistakes from it


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