Egyptian Chronicles: The assassination of Imad Mughniyeh , the assassination of an icon

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The assassination of Imad Mughniyeh , the assassination of an icon

Last Tuesday in Damascus a huge sound of blast was heard at night , the blast was so huge from the the look of the wreck of the car or what remains from it that it will make you wonder about the doomed destiny of the passenger , not to mention why someone would assassinate someone else like this.Well I am afraid you will not wonder for long time when you know that the passenger who was assassinated in this terrible blast was Imad Mughniyeh ,you may not be familiar with the name just like me , but to make it easy for you for now you should know that Mughniyeh was from the important leaders of Hezbollah of Lebanon , this man is said to be from the military leaders of the party , he was said to be like the commander of their ground operations , their senior officer of intelligence and that was in the Present , in the past this man did things in Beirut made him to be listed in the FBI most wanted list till now , in 1983 he was behind the American Embassy and the American Marines bombings in Beirut , in 1989 he was accused by the Americans for hijacking a TWA plane and in 1994 he was accused to be the mastermind of the Israeli Embassy bombing in Buenos Aires. There are tales about this enigmatic personality that some like to call "The Shiite Ben Laden" despite the fact I believe he was much more dangerous, more original than Bin Laden and Co. He got many alias , most famous one is "Hajj" .BY the way his nickname in Hezbollah is "Hajj Radwan"

This man since the 1980s was wanted and chased by the Interpol in more than 49 countries around the globe , you do not know what is the myth from the truth about him in the Press ,I mean I read that he was from the body guards of Yasser Arafat in Lebanon !! And that he was responsible for bombing the Iraqi Embassy in Beirut in which the famous wife of Nizar Kabbani was killed , lately he was accused by the U.S administration to orchestrate the escape of Bin Laden from Afghanistan to where ever he is now , of course this is nonsense because anyone familiar with the ideologies of the Al Qaida will know it is impossible due to the difference in the religious sect.

in the west he is considered as a bad terrorist and in the east he is considered a hero of resistance. I could not find anything about him except what was said and written in media , especially the photos , exactly before yesterday there was no picture for him except only two in the whole web thanks to Hezbollah they released the last and most recent for him.

Of course it is logic to accuse the Israeli Mossad to be behind the blast and I am sure of that , officially Hezbollah and all the Arab world are accusing the Mossad , already it will not the first time they tired to kill him , they tired to kill him once in the 1990s and instead of killing they killed one of his sons and in the second Lebanon July war 2006 they tried to kill him along with Hassan Nasrallah using the air raids but again they did not get him , but they did it this time despite they are officially denying any reasonability or connection to the accident despite the fact no one will benefit from his murder except the Israelis , not because of his past but what he was doing in the present , this man is considered no.2 in the Party and responsible for the military ground operations and intelligence in the group , they must get rid from him sooner better than later if they are in the process of preparing a revenge for their defeat and surely they are , they won't forget this humiliating defeat in 2006 , Israel always plans for its future wars based on its previous wars . Of course I forget to mention that bombing the cars like this is from the assassination techniques widely used by the Mossad.

The funeral of Mughniyeh will be afternoon in Lebanon , currently Hezbollah is holding a very big memorial service till and it is being transferred right now on air in their channel Al Manar and on NBN , their ally and Amal Movement channel , already I am very sure that late Mughniyeh was a member in Amal,already it is the mother Shiite group in Lebanon .

On the Personal level , I saw very quick interview with Mughniyeh's son on Al Manar in his father memorial service ,he seemed to be unshaken because I know that he considered him a Martyr and people should not be sad for Martyrs as they go to heaven , still what broke my heart is to know that both his father and grand father are still alive. Already His father and grand father were simple farmers in the south of Lebanon , his dad lost other two young men in the war and here is the third , his father looks like as if he is trying to appear strong but his eyes are betraying him , his grandfather is completely divested and he is not hiding it ,may be in the world he is considered a terrorist but for his people in the Arab world consider him as hero and surely now he became an icon with his tragic death.

Imad Mughniyeh knew his destiny and he expected that his death would be like this ,he knew it from the beginning that taking this path in life that the end will be like this .

I do not think that he is terrorist in the same way that the Israelis do not believe that Ariel Sharon is a war criminal , seriously you look it from your perspective , this man was defending his country in time I believe it is hard to determine who was right or wrong in Lebanon then ,still I know very well and so other Patriots in Lebanon who were the invaders. Till now Hezbollah did not claim responsibility for the Buenos Aires operation by the way.

Strangely the death of Imad Mughniyeh despite the fear of the consequences may save Lebanon from clashes tomorrow as on the Valentine day Prime Minister Rafik El-Hariri was assassinated and usually the 14th of March use this day to gather and start attacking other groups , tomorrow in fact from today everyone in the Lebanon is very cautious in dealing with Hezbollah now , Hariri JR presented his condolences so did most of the 14th of March leaders except of course Walid Bek who as usually must share the world with two useless cents "If Israel wants to go to war with Hezbollah , they go away from us " ,these two cents would be very useful if they came from a man who did not say from couple of days "if you want war ,we are ready for war that destroy everything !!"

I was preparing to write something about Lebanon tomorrow but not today ,in fact I did imagine to write about this. This is not the end ,it is just another episode in the bloody doomed TV series of War in Lebanon

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Images are from Getty,Internet and Sham press

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    1. Hmmm

      Imad Mughniyh& George Habash in less than 2weeks, those are blessed days indeed !

      now, back to realities, no one saw IM in public for the last 15 years at least, no media reported anything from the action scene, and (definitely) no one will ever see his carcass

      all we have is an abstracted story from Tehran & Hezbullah, Syria did not officially announce the ID of the victim so far...

      1/ IM is true assassinated, either Israel or USA [a humiliating blow indeed]

      2/ IM is true assassinated, either the Baath-Damascus or the IRI-Tehran, for some internal calculation they find his survival so far is so demanding and decided to scrap their outdated junk

      3/ IM is not assassinated at all, the whole falsified story (not the first one) is made to justify the coming [EXCEPTIONALLY STUPID] maneuver of Hezbullah inside Lebanon or agaainst Israel

      for 1 (very unlikely in my hunble opinion) or 3 possibilities, i strongly recommend AT LEAST raising DEFCON for IDF-Nothern Command

    2. @loudlaughter, no.1 possibility is true ,in fact Israel is preparing for something in the oven and Does not want Imad to spoil it for them again

      About No.2 possibility it is very difficult to say or consider the second man in Hezbollah with this expertise in wars as outdated Junk
      About No.3 I doubt that Hezbollah use this technique they do not need a bluff ,already their techniques do not go this far , planning a memorial service , for God sake did you see his father ?? these people are not monsters who can play with the feelings of their own people ,these are southern emotional people pretending to be strong ,just like our people in Upper Egypt

    3. Hisbollah is a terrorist organization that caused the destruction of Lebanon and the killing of innocent civilians, for nothing at all except serving the Iranian interets.

    4. I don't mourn this guy and his compatriots only celebrate when Jews are killed in cafes and clubs. Our world is still a very primitive place. Shame on us all.

    5. I'm glad he's dead. The deaths of my U.S. Marine brothers are finally avenged. My only regret is that I didn't kill him myself.

      Navy SEAL

    6. Taking your word as granted, long live the MUSSAD, a humiliating blow to the very heart of Hezbullah & The Syrian Secret Service has been professionally delivered ! >)

    7. @anonymous ,who killed the innoncent Lebanese people Hezbollah or the Israelis who like to kill civlians in their raids , it is just like saying in 1967 the Egyptian army caused the death of thousands of civilians in the 1967 war !!
      Who used the forbidden weapons against the civilians !!?? Israel or Hezbollah ,please stop blaming Hezbollah and Iran and blame those who really attacked your country
      by the way where was Hezbollah and Iran when Israel invaded Beirut and Killed Civilans in the Past !!??

      @Navy Seal , My dear American Marine pardon my question but please tell me what were your follow Marines doing in Beirut in 1983 in the first place ?? What benefit the U.S had from this intervention ?? Just like the old Arabic proverb ,you did not have any camel or a goat in that war , it is not your war , Imad did not attack the U.S but you attacked his country . In 1960s Egypt did the same thing like America and interfered in Yemen for fucking reason , we lost men ,thousands of innoncent men who were sent for stupid political reasons that had no relation from far or near to the Egyptian security , we paid the price in 1967 since then we decided not to get involve in everything like you are doing.

      @Loudlaughter , I think it is expected the Mossad and Israel wants to have a quick revenge from Hezbollah , it is not bad for Hezbollah as he was not killed in Lebanon or in the south "it will be a bitter slap if you think about " but it is bad for the Syrians

    8. Zenobia,
      I am a Lebanese and I consider Imad Mughanieh is a cold blooded terrorist and his Hizb-Iran is not but an Iranian piad killers!!! Mughanieh killed an innocent Kuwaiti citizen when he kidnapped a Kuwaiti Airline airplane. Killed a US citizen when he kidnapped the TWA.
      What an irony, when we demand the Americans to interfere (Bosnia as one example) but you tell them what are you doing in Beirut when they are not on your side!!!

    9. @Lebanese anonymous and can you please tell me what side I present and what side the American were on in 1984 , for the sake of which lebanese team sorry for which country they were interfering for in the first place , again Hezbollah is not the only puppet in Lebanon but may be because it is Iran , may be if it were American Puppet no one will care ,may be if it did not fight Israel no one will care
      with my all respect I do not think that Imad is the only cold blood murderer and terrorist in Lebanon , you got Walid Bek , you got the Gameyal Dyansty and you got Dr. Samir have killed hundreds if not thousands of innocent people
      I am ready to consider Imad as a cold blood murderer if you considered those mentioned above as cold blood murderers too

    10. Muslims Against Sharia congratulate the organization responsible for elimination of terrorist Imad Mugniyeh on a job well done!

    11. You won't tolerate hateful comments??? From your comments I see you tolerate the worst kind of garbage and foul hateful killers around. Mugniyeh is a saint compared to the baby killer zionists and there supporters all over the world. Those who commented just can't stand to see anyone with the guts to fight for freedom from the oppression your comment makers seem to support. Guess what though, for every Mugniyeh you take out 10 more come to take his place. They know their days are numbered and thats what makes them so virulent.

    12. Why does almost every Islamonazi piece of shit who worships mass murderers posts as "Anonymous"


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