Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Egyptian X-files: Who Killed Hassan Al Bana ??

Hassan Al-Bana ,the founder of the famous Muslim Brotherhood movement  is a very controversial character whether in his life or in his death , in fact after his death he caused more buzz then when his life due to his thoughts that became universal "I once was asked by a young man from Indonesia about his thoughts and whether as Egyptian I believe in them or not !!??".

The death of Al-Bana was not less controversial as his life ,in fact it is more enigmatic he was assassinated on the 12th of February 1949 and till now historians do not know who killed him or who was behind his assassination.

For many years King Farouk and his "Iron guards" were accused to be behind the Al-Bana assassination thanks to the propaganda against him after the revolution that it became a belief for the MB members themselves that King Farouk was behind the murder of his leader , even the Neo Royalists believed this and considered as another good thing King Farouk did by getting  rid from a radical fascist,still for me I could not believe that King Farouk was behind this for number of reasons , Farouk was not that evil , Al-Bana was not his main enemy , there were other people during that time who wanted to see the guide of the MB dead and most important the Iron guards were not so powerful , it is a myth , another royal myth , if they were so dangerous why could not they save the King throne from the revolution !!?? Already just for information the iron guards were only 20 persons. I believe that because no one knew who really killed Al-Bana then and how the accident was mysterious "he was killed at night in front of one of the headquarters of the group " people simply just put the blame on the first person who could not defend himself , King Farouk whose popularity began to decline more and more.

And after all these years a MB veteran from the 1st generation Mohammed Naguib at last spoke and cleared King Farouk's hands  from the Guilt of Al-Bana blood . According to Naguib Farouk did not kill Al-Bana or have any connection what so ever in his murder.

Now the question is back ,Who killed Hassan Al Bana ?? The X-File is still opened .It is not that easy because during that political assassination was the fashion of the time then , political leaders and prime ministers were always victims for assassination attempts which were either succeeded in eliminating them like Ahmed Pasha Maher and El-Nokrashi Pasha "who was killed by one of the MB members still I should say that the MB and Al-Bana were against this operation" or like Al-Nahas Pasha who survived all the assassination attempts he had been thought "this man was a really blessed"

Many people could have killed Al-Bana ,many parties and group  did not like him or his group , whether from the liberal parties or the communist parties.

Of course people in Egypt always forget another main suspect called "The British" who were still in Egypt ,yes I know someone will come and tell Al-Banna had his connection with the British ,the Freemason ...etc "I swear I read and heard this talk too " but occupation forces do not have allies , they can get rid of them when they satisfied their needs , the British forces would be very happy to create a chaos situation ,creating more trouble to Abdeen palace and the Wafad party. Unfortunately

Also we should not forget the Zionist gangs and Israel , oh yes Israel ,why do everybody forget the fact that the MB militias fought in 1948 before the Arab armies !!?? But again Israel became a State recognized by the western world in 1948 and if they wanted to get rid of him , they would have done before 1948.

These are all possibilities and theories ,yet unfortunately this is a classical Egyptian X-File that will never been close , because now it is too late to know the answer of the question : Who killed Hassan Al Bana??

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  1. The MB and El Banna were not against this operation, they sanctionned it. After the murder, El Banna declared that the murderer was not a MB and not a muslim, the killer broke down and declared that he was the one that sanctionned the murder. The MB and Hassan el Banna did not stop there, they also initiated a smear campaign against his widow, suggesting that she was the one that paid the murderer to do his deed. History has shown the MB ready to say anything and promise everything in order to reach their goals. They have no integrity, no shape and no form. They are pure unadulterated evil, they are a cult that prey on the superstitions of the common man. Check the TV interview provided by Nokrashy Pacha's daughter on El Fagr with Adel Hamouda in April


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