Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Parties in troubles

We all know in Egypt that the official parties we have can't be considered real parties like the ones in civilized countries , they are fake and just decoration ,the only party that rules is the NDP and we can't even consider it as a real party it is just a group of people cheering for one person to protect their own interests but from time to time we put our hopes on some parties and some public figures that they can help in changing the future. We know very well that there will be no hope in the parties in Egypt with the existing Parties laws I talked about before , yet again sometimes we are mad enough to dream for while to admire some parties and their members for a while ,yes we know it will be  impossible in these circumstances of emergency status and oppression that they can change anything ,but there is nothing wrong in dreaming , unfortnately the regime does not want us to dream not even hope and thus it does not stop in issuing laws that put limit the parties sorry paralyse them completely but it also works hard to destroy any party from inside in if it felt that people began to put hopes on it ,just put hopes.

The example are many in the last three or four years , first you got Ayman Nour ,yes he is in jail but his party Al Ghad is in trouble ,major members are fighting on the leadership , yes his wife Gamila took back the control in the party but after it was too late people lost confidence , of course the big blow was the arrest of Ayman Nour still the fights of leadership destroyed the rest of the party.

The second example is the Wafad party , another fight on power between Dr.Numan Gomaa and Mahmoud Abaza ended to the sake of Abaza who is in the end a regime friendly not to mention his current minister of agriculture brother Amin Abaza ,Dr. Gomaa according to the court's order is still the head of the party but the regime says otherwise , the latest chapter in the Wafad Saga which I know is killing Both Saad Zaglol and El-Nahas Pashas is that there is a third person who thinks that he will be a better leader ,it is a soap opera and everyone is watching .

It is worth saying , in fact I would like to remind you that both Goma'a and Nour ran for presidency against Mubarak from two years and both were touch liberal rivals with popularity .

After that we got the struggle in the Nasserite party on who is going to rule , I do not care about the Nasserite party that much because I do not consider it a liberal one .

Now with the self destruction of Al-Ghad party and Al Wafad, there was no other liberal party Egypt we can put our hope on until the Democratic front party was announced , the new party looked very promising as liberal moderate one , it included many respectable famous faces for their daring stand against the government , the names are many including Dr.Osama El-Ghazli Harb ,Dr.Yahia El-Gamal and my favourite Ex-MP Anwar Sadat JR ,the nephew of President Sadat and the brother of MP Talaat Sadat .

Currently there is a big fight in that party between Osama and Sadat JR , it seems to me that Osama does not like Sadat JR and fears from his popularity and charismatic character , let's be honest some people think that the Sadat brothers are noisy yet you got admit they got something from their uncle which is how to steal the public attention ,seriously this duo got charisma . Anyhow the fight between both Osama and Sadat JR made the party in more trouble. People like me were disappointed at Osama's acts.

Now that party is expected by all experts to follow the same doomed destiny of Al Wafad and Al-Ghad.

Some people are speaking about the regime's role in such internal conflict but let's be honest the regime will not interfere in the first place if those members are not mad about power and ego . They do not care about the nation ,they care about themselves.

The last word I can say is that those parties should learn from the MB , yes the MB has its very own ideology still they believe in something and try very hard to achieve what they want ,what they believe in .


  1. كلما قرأت إدراج لك على الريدر أحس بالإعجاب لكون واحدة من بلدي بتلك الدرجة الرائعة من الثقافة وأنوي أن آتي لهنا لأسجل إعجابي هذا ... وكم كنت ومازلت اعجب من كيفية إستطاعتك التدوين بهذا الكم في ظروف ومشاغل الحياة التي نحياها ... واليوم وأخيراٌ شاء المولى أن أفعل ما نويت وأردت فعله فلك مني خالص الود والتحية والتقدير ... وأتمنى أن تكون مدونتك بالعربية غنية بالمواضيع مثل هنا ... وغن كنت اعلم أنك بدأتي هناك بعد هنا بفترة طويلة تقارب العامين حسبما أتذكر إلا ان المدونة هناك تحتاج منك بعض الأهتمام .......
    أكرر تقديري لك وإعتذاري على زيارة جاءت متأخرة كثيراٌ

  2. افندينا اولا مرحبا بك فى مدونتى
    ثانيا لا اعرف كيف ارد على كل هذا الكلام
    حول مدونتى العربية انشا الله باذن الله هاهتم بها اكثر من كده اعذرنى على الوقت
    شكرا جزيلا على كل هذا الكلام الجميل
    و نورت المدونة و ارجو كررها كمان و كمان :)


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