Egyptian Chronicles: Dear Perez

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dear Perez

Thanks to my new visitor from Alexandria , I knew that the most hated blogger in Hollywood Perez Hilton , the so-called Queen of Media opened his fire on Egypt and its government because of the imprisonment of some homosexuals in Egypt from couple of weeks "pardon me for not following the case extensively like the western media because I felt that the Straight Israa and others from straight men and women imprisonment was much important and disgusting" .

I will not go through what this ignorant idiot said in his sick blog where his gay fans base were happy about but I will say one thing

I am so happy , in fact I am thrilled that Egypt my country is no longer in Perez Hilton's list of countries to be visit,I am so honoured in fact.

Dear Perez go to hell

P.S : where is Zahi Hawas from the crab Perez said in his sick video ??

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  1. hi,nice blog!!share this to all with this site

  2. N. American Princess4/21/2008 12:04:00 PM

    Never heard of this Perez guy but I watched his clip.

    Walad all I can say...

    Inshallah ra7h yi ru7 fi nar gouhanam.

  3. @Christopher, thanks but I do not like these spam comments

    @N.American, oh Perez Hilton became an icon in the Gossip blog , he was featured in CNN , he is very famous blogger "unfortunately" unemployed fagot who trashes celebs in the U.S
    Yes he will go straight to hell


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