Egyptian Chronicles: H&M and Juicy Couture at last in Egypt

Sunday, April 20, 2008

H&M and Juicy Couture at last in Egypt


I can't believe it at last H&M and Juicy couture are in Egypt !!! Oh boy oh boy oh boy !!

H&M has now an official branch in City Stars and Juicy Couture is available in some ladies high class shop in Heliopolis , for those who interested , the Juicy Couture Pet collection is there !!

Strangely I saw the opening of the Juicy Couture in Egypt in some English Life style magazine and I was surprised that all the ladies who were in the opening where above 40 years old !! Juicy Couture is made for much younger girls , this is the policy and its target market. Already Juicy is known to be expensive in the United States.

Look I do not hate that these fancy brands to come and open branches in Egypt but now !!?? our economic situation is not the perfect one , of course these brands are target the very rich class in Egypt , this small class.

On the Web : H& M Eg website

You know sometimes I feel that one day we will have a real hunger revolution a very strong one that will make the 1977 protests a picnic , I feel that the first thing that will be destroyed is City Stars Mall

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  1. Allow me to disagree :)

    H&M is far from being fancy. It's well known all over the world for its cheap prices. There is nothing to protest about when I can buy H&M for the same prices, if not for less, of Concrete or any local brand.

    While I do not like the trend of turning Egypt into another mall infested country like the Gulf (it's creepy how it's starting to resemble those places) I am excited about being able to buy cheap good looking and high quality clothes in Cairo, especially for my daughters.

    See you there :)

  2. @Shady , with my all respect I can give seven names for seven stores and brands which are outside cheap where as inside Egypt they are sold for big price tage in a part to attract the rich class
    already City Stars is known to be an A Class store not for the other classes

  3. I totally agree with you and this is why i'm excited about H&M. Their prices are still very close to their original stores in europe (after tax and customs considerations). It should shame the local brands.

  4. @Shady , what local brands?? do we have local brands in the first place now ?? Miss sixty , Mango and others in city Stars are foreign brands too

  5. i think Shady meant Concrete, Mobaco and Newman, which cost the same or even more than H&M. Especially kids clothes which are very expensive now in these brands. So if a kids Tshirt costs 60 LE in H&M while it costs 100 LE in concrete or newman.. then I will get the H&M ones.

  6. @Dolce,do not even remind me , their prices are stupid , if H&M has better prices then them , then I will buy from it

  7. Exactly Dolce, these are the brands I'm talking about. It's insane the pricing they have for their clothes. I must admit that Concrete has very good and durable clothes for men. But the lower end line is highly priced. I'm OK buying their suits for 1200 but I'm not OK spending over 100 for a T-Shirt.

    And I'm not even talking about WILD that's selling rags for hundreds of pounds.

    In the past, and because importing clothes was not allowed, NAF NAF, Mexx and other brands used to make clothes and sell them under the brand name. So all you get is a ticket of the brand and the same low quality clothes you would get from any other shop.

  8. well I did go and bought for my kids clothes of higher quality and more important less price than their egyptian counterparts.. I think concrete and mobaco have to rethink their prices now..

  9. @dolce ,what about the adults clothes ??

  10. hi
    I want job in H&M .sales man pleas tell me what can i do, where i can go

  11. Hey anonymous,why you do not check in the H&M Website


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