Thursday, April 24, 2008

Do not blame Israa !!

Israa Abd El-Fatah was released yesterday at 8.30 PM and strangely she made an appearance in the national TV that same day in El-Bit Batik ,I have not watched but as soon as I knew she made appearance in that pro-regime TV show I knew that what she would say would shock many. As I expected the girl appeared on the TV show saying that she was sorry regretting what she had done and that she did not expect it would go this far.

I know it is shocking but let's agree something ; she is not an actual activist nor political leader , she is a simple Egyptian girl who spent couple of weeks in a nightmare in jail , I will not dare to guess what happened to her there or what kind of pressure was practiced upon her or what kind of blackmail she and her family suffered from in order to be free from jail.

Do not judge Israa now.

Do not expect her to speak now about her terrible experience.

Do not expect her to become an activist.

Israa will come in TV shows now thanking the officials from the President to the Interior minister.

Israa will come in TV shows now speaking about how nice the interior ministry was to her.

Israa will not speak truly about what happened to her except when this era is finished , when this regime is down. After all whether she likes it or not Israa officially became known worldwide as the Facebook activist from Egypt

Updates :

Cairo Today made an exclusive interview the moment she went out of jail.

You can click here to watch , it is in Arabic, still the most interesting part is what she said that she thanked God every night that she is still a girl.

Amr Adib also made a fast interview through the phone with her

I am sorry but I do not trust Orbit or Amr Adib

Here is the first video,I found now in


  1. she seems terrified ya 3einy! Way too adamant that nothing happened to her and as for Amr Adib...he sounds like a classic crook from some tacky Egyptian movie.
    It's scarey what happened to Israa...she was made an example of and a warning to everyone, the fact that she was female added to the message that no one is safe.

  2. @arima, did you see how she ran crying to her mom's arm !!?? it is heart breaking
    It is scary and they are trying to make her as an example and model for all those naughty girls and boys
    Adib is a big crook and I do not like his style at all

  3. This was heartbreaking to watch. The screaming she did. I don't think she had ahsan mou3mla like she said. Those screams seemed really frightening.

    Yeah it's crazy that she kept telling everyone they didn't steal her virginity. Like everyone is expecting her 2 be raped in jail. Shit. You live in very frightening times in Egypt. I'm glad my father isn't alive to see things like this happen. And she has no father. Beautiful, intelligent well spoken girl but I'm curious as to what they really did 2 her there. Sorry but those screams were real and something horrible must have happened.

    I don't think even when the regime is long gone that this girl will ever speak of her experience. How much you bet she never goes on Facebook again.

  4. That reporter Amr is annoying. He's the bald dude who interviewed Princess Ferial isn't he? How can she go for Umrah without a mehrem. What a guy. Just a publicity hog and he asks the stupidest questions. How is this guy considered a reporter is my question?

    And he is talking to them as if they won the lottery when the girl got out of a jail she should never have been in...nuts!

    But alhamdulillah she is out.

  5. He is from the worst TV hosts I have ever seen

  6. Even if she was an activist spending few days in the fascist s*it holes they call Egyptian prisons or the so called national security (amn dawla) can be capable of making miracles not only making her say such things.

  7. well they did not break her spirit , after months she became from the famous activists in the country

  8. yes brave woman even though I don't think this country is ever going to change with political activism not that kind of it any way. Protesting in this country is useless they let the people say what they want to say and they do what they want to do anyway! this country needs more radical kind of activism....the violent type
    I also heard she got arrested lately no new news about that?

  9. yes she was arrested with other activists in their attempt to visit the Christian and Muslim families that lost their relatives in the terrible shooting of Naj Hammadi. She was released the next day.


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