Monday, April 14, 2008


Israa Abdel Fatah , a 27 years old Egyptian young lady whose name entered the Esraa+Abdel+Fatahhistory of modern Egypt as the main organizer of the first Facebook general strike in Egypt.
This young lady launched a simple invitation in the face book thousands responded too and millions for two weeks spoke about.
Yes, the strike was the brainchild of the Mahalla workers ; still this pretty young lady made sure that the strike idea reach to millions all over the world .
Israa is a member in the El-Gad party , she was not that politically active and was more concerned with the cultural and educational issues.
Israa who was not known to the regime and its security  before became an icon for my generation and she should be , this young lady is an inspiration to all of us especially the women ,
I am very proud of her. She is a great example of Laila , she is the Laila of 2008
r1701865042Unfortunately, Israa is now for jail for the first time in her life, security forces arrested her from a coffee-shop near her work place in Nasr city last week in a very emotional scene where she hugged her mom before riding in the police vehicle !!

Israa is detained 15 days pending investigation before meeting with the general attorney.
I asked a political activist friend who told me that Israa will not be in danger because this is her first time despite the fact that the official media is trying to make her the scapegoat of Mahalla incidents despite the fact all what she did  actually was calling the people to was to stay in home !!!
This photo was taken for her yesterday when she went to meet the General attorney
Israa is a brave young girl that we all must respect and help. we must stand with her.
Update No.1 : The general attorney decided to release Israa after spending 15 days pending the investigation
Update No.2 : Please ignore update No.1 and check the latest on Israa here in this post
Update No.3 : Check this post , about the release of Israa


  1. very interesting your post, I read you. Excuse for my bad english, as you know I'm an italian girl and I love your blog.

    I'm very afraid for result of political election in Italy.

    Lovely yours Cristina

  2. @Cristina,I know about the results , the short greedy guy with black dyed hair has won , oh I can't stand this man but I have faith that the Italian people will reject him soon and another elections will be held and he will lose again insh Allah

  3. Thank, zenobia!

    insh Allah


  4. and why did this happen ? what have she done ?

  5. @Arabic Lady, because she called For strike and the people to stay at home !! strangely nothing in the laws in Egypt says that this is illegal !!

  6. Can you please clarify at your blog that Esraa is not released yet
    even after the general attorney issued his order the minister of interior issued (amr e3tekal) based on the emergency law, and she was never released,
    some people reading your blog might think that esraa is free now, while she's not
    some people says its the first (amr e3tekal) against an egyptian woman in the last 30 years, but i'm not sure of that information, if you have other info please update us

  7. I already corrected this information in another recent post and yes Israa is the first woman in 27 years to have a warrant by her name :( not a great achievement I think
    here is the URL

  8. I know this is a silly question..but who is Laila?

  9. Check this out

  10. Its not about seizing power its about knowing what to do after ...

    ...the author is of egyptian descent not that 'that' should make a difference

  11. Its not about seizing power its about knowing what to do after ...

    ...the author is of egyptian descent not that 'that' should make a difference

  12. Hi there,
    Do you know what is Israa Abdel Fatah's blog address. I am trying to contact with her and so far no success!


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