Egyptian Chronicles: The generations fight

Monday, June 2, 2008

The generations fight

Step away the civilization fight ,there is some kind of a generations fight in the Egyptian blogsphere.

The 1960s generation vs. 1980s generation .

It was wonderful , if you know Arabic then please read these two links which represents the two generations.

What do you think ??

By the way I found this essay in Radar Magazine from the US about their generations fight there ,this man hates our generation so much !!??

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  1. Most RESPECTFUL Zeinobia/ from this day on/ NOSTALGIA /becomes my Middle name,with my due respect and permission of my parents* initials that i cherish them deeply in my soul & heart, but i am a person loyal to the OLD and AL-ZAMAN-AL-GAMIL devotee, & as my beloved mother used to say ,whenever i was a bit harsh or careless/cruel with my belongings i owned and lost or broke SHE(RIP) said: IF a person hasn^t got the>OLD<,HE or SHE won^t be able to enjoy..the>NEW<..AS MUCH??..that^s TRUE!! So i am re-baptising my modest self as:Is-Hak Nostalgia BARSOUMIANi in other words : I.N.B/London/


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