Egyptian Chronicles: Egypt closes the Iranian Alam in Cairo Plus you can see the complete forbidden documentary here

Monday, July 28, 2008

Egypt closes the Iranian Alam in Cairo Plus you can see the complete forbidden documentary here

I think you heard the news that the Egyptian authorities decided to close the office of the Iranian News Channel “Al-Alam” in Cairo , the authorities suddenly remembered that the Iranian Channel is operating without the required licenses , of course the truth is that the authorities in Cairo ended the license of the channel on the background of the infamous documentary. Strangely the channel is still on the Nile sat !!
The Egyptian regime is justifying its orders. It is getting more and more sillier , because the Egyptian regime is so keen on our national repetition and icons why it does not go after Hollywood production and their films that make fun of us and the examples are many ,take the Mummy for instance !!
There are several updates. The Iranian commission in Egypt refused to grant Ruqaya Al-Sadat’s lawyer Mr.Samir Sabri except after knowing every thing step he will do it there. And so Ruqaya has nothing to do except to sue the production company in Egypt demanding a rule order from the administrative to ban the film in Egypt.
Egypt also suddenly remembered that a young man from two months was arrested in Tehran and was accused of espionage !! That young man turned to be online Romeo who is not a spy at all according to news report. He went to Tehran to meet the girl of his dream in order to marry him but instead he meet the Vevak !!
Strangely no one is speaking about our missing reporter in Tehran. Officially we have two Egyptian Prisoners along a trapped family there and I thought in this media war someone will be bold enough to speak about them ,but I was wrong !!
Last thing and I can’t say that it is exclusive or a scoop but here is the complete documentary “34 Bolts in the Pharaoh’s body” It is in Arabic with Farsi translation. I saw parts of it ,it is a propaganda film based on famous shots ,pictures and speeches from that time.They used in one of the parts one of the songs of the Sheikh Emam , I do not think that the Fagomi will demand the rights !! “Thanks to Will Ward
Look please watch ,it is important to see it , we should know on what the fuzz this. After watching some parts of it I believe that we can produce a better Pro-Sadat documentary without all the noise.

Tell me what you think about it??
Update: I am sorry but it turned that this is not the orginial film , the orginial film as far as I read does not include former first Lady Jihan Sadat.Thanks to Friend Youssef Mohammed I realized that this was a documentary produced by Al-Jazeera from couple of years ago, I think in their program "The political crime".
I am sorry for that mistake ,already i thought It was the Iranian film due to the logo on the right corner ,the Farsi translation and the dedication in Farso for Khaled Al-Islamoboly.I feel so angry because it can't be the Iranian documentary. Either it is the documentary or it is a silly prank on Youtube :(
I am sorry again
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  1. This is Aljazeera documentary ya Zainab !
    Have seen it several times before!

  2. Are you sure ?? I found in the beginning a dedication to Islamaboly and that logo !!??
    Oh my goodness you are right Jihan El-Sadat won't be in it ,oh my goodness

  3. The clip itself is by Aljazeera but the dedication and Persian rubbish is not by Aljazeera. I think the whole Aljazeera documentary is available on Google Video somewhere.


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