Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A New Bird flu alerts

I do not know if this hideous virus is going to hit Egypt again in Egypt in Summer or what ??

From couple of weeks ago I read in one of the newspapers that the virus returned to spread between poultry and the farmers are getting rid of the infected chicken themselves , they do not want to inform th authorities for fear the authorities would come and kill all their poultry like what happened from two years and led to the bankruptcy of several poultry raisers , needless to say the economic situation in Egypt is not the best one now.

Anyhow last Sunday 7 years old Islam Abd El-Halim entered a hospital in Fayoum on suspicion of being infected with H5N1 ,a sample was taken from him and sent to Cairo to be analyzed. He is from the “Vidimin” village.

Fayoum Governorate in general is a hot Zone for the virus as it is a center for birds in Egypt due to its location and climate. Already Birds lovers go there to watch and hunt down the birds.

I believe the health ministry should establish Laboratories in H5N1 Hot zones like Qalyubia and Fayoum to save time and effort. 


  1. Thank you very much, Zeinobia, for this post. Very little is published about the bird flu situation in Egypt, and posts such as yours are a valuable source of information.

  2. @Dip-thanks Dip for the valuable information

    @anonymous ,you welcome it is my duty

  3. From we who watch in the corners of the world, a prayer for you, your people and all of us on earth that this hideous disease does not come out to ply.

  4. thanks so much anonymous for this sweet prayer :)


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