Egyptian Chronicles: Who burned the Israeli books ??

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Who burned the Israeli books ??

I can't take it anymore from this Farouk Hosni UNESCO circus , to say the truth it does not matter to me if he wins the chair in Paris or not , Hosni%20Farouk all what I care about is that I do not want to see his face again in the next Cabinet , seriously I just want him out of the ministry of culture for good.
I hate this man , it is not about his stupid remarks which are too many to count as far as I remember and they are not all about the veil or Israeli books , it is not about his sexuality which all Egypt from north or south knows about from very long time,it is about how he managed to destroy the Egyptian culture in the last 20 years.
I know from very long time about the corruption in the ministry during his time and it is as clear as the sun.
Now he wants to move to Paris to become the new secretary of UNESCO , he is the second Egyptian to have this chance after Dr.Ismail Serageldin ,whom I believe better than him thousand times , already Dr. Serageldin is now the director of Alexandria Bibliotheque
Hosni in the beginning of his campaign said that Israel does not want him in to win so the Egyptian intellectuals would be in his side , already most of the real respected intellectuals in Egypt and in the Arab world hate him. And FYI the so-called intellectuals in Egypt are not from the Islamists but from the leftists and Nasserites.
Then he said that he would visit Israel ,then he denied this
Then he said that he would not go except after the a full neutralization of relations happen between Egypt and Israel. Then in the parliament he said that he would burn the Israeli books himself !!??
Then he goes to have an interview with Yediot Ahronot , the daily Israeli newspaper describing how it is hard to become an open minded minister of culture in a country where they burn Cinema theatres and Israeli books !! I know that during the 1990s and 1980s the so-called Islamist groups burned some cinemas in Upper Egypt but I never heard that someone burned Israeli books in Egypt. Then in Egypt he would say that he would burn those Israeli books !!?? The western media described Hosni like the regime trying to please both the west and what they called them the Islamists about Israel and cultural stuff.
Regarding Israel ,I do not know if the western media considered the majority of the Egyptian people as Islamists or what ???
For me I do not have anything against translating Israeli books ,it is good to know how those people think but I respect this major refusal and I can understand its reasons. This is why I refuse that someone portrays my people as ignorant sheep
Hosni is not the hero or the martyr of Culture and days will tell you, he is hypocrite , what he says in to the media in the west is different from what he is saying to the media in Egypt.
Do not expect someone served Mubarak for 20 years to be good saint because good ministers always leave that cabinet in the next change and the rotten ones always stay !!

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